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Test Automation, Web Performance, and Load Testing with Visual Studio 2015 - Online

School/Trainer: Intertech, Inc.
Eagan, United States

This is a 2-day course is designed for automation and performance testers who have basic .NET coding skills. The course is divided into two main parts. The first focuses on creating, executing and maintaining Coded UI Tests while the second part looks at Web Performance and Load Testing using Visual Studio 2015.

This course covers not only how to use the Microsoft tools but also looks at testing processes and best practices for test automation and web performance testing.

This course includes hands-on labs to reinforce practical skills and ensure you’re ready to use the tools on your return to your workplace.

Learning Objectives

Describe the testing capabilities of the Visual Studio ALM product suite
Create Coded UI Tests from action recordings and using the Coded UI Test Builder
Understand the structure of Coded UI Tests and edit the generated code
Understand how objects are found and modify this behaviour
Extend your Coded UI Tests through code
Bind Coded UI Tests to a variety of different data sources
Run automated tests in a number of environments
Understand the role of Web Performance and Load Tests
Create and edit Web Performance Tests and analyse test results
Create and edit Load Tests and analyse test results
Execute load tests using the Load Test Service (... [Read More]

Python Scripting for Map Automation - Online

School/Trainer: Esri Training
Broomfield, Charlotte, Danvers, Honolulu, New York City, Sacramento, Saint Paul, San Antonio, Vienna, United States

Learn how to write Python scripts to automate map production and related data management tasks. You will be introduced to the mapping module of the ArcPy site package to quickly and easily update map layers, map content, and produce individual maps and map books.


Modify layer and map content.

Repair broken layers when map files or data sources have been moved.

Publish map books created with data driven pages.

IBM Cognos Command Center Automation Using Plugin Tasks - Online

School/Trainer: Arrow ECS UK IBM Training
Harrogate, London, Nottingham, Reading, Stockport, Suffolk, United Kingdom

•Course overview
•Intended audience
•Course objectives

Installing Plugins
•Plugin directory location
•Steps to load plugins
•Plugin version issues with import/export

Using File Utility Plugin Tasks
•Move and copy
•File Compression
•Operations on file data

Using FTP/SFTP Plugin Tasks
•Get and Put

Using System Utilities Plugin Tasks
•Check ports
•Get process information and system status
•Windows services

Using TM1 Plugin Tasks
•Configuring the TM1 host computing resource
•Run TurboIntegrator processes and chores
•List server objects and views
•Delete server objects and views

Using Cognos Integration Server Plugin Tasks
•Configuring the IBM Cognos Integration Server host computing resource
•Run selection
•Run selection with command file

Using the Email Plugin Task
•Configuring the email host computing resource
•Send email

VMware vRealize Automation: Install, Configure, Manage - Online

School/Trainer: Arrow ECS UK
Harrogate, London, Nottingham, Reading, Stockport, Suffolk, United Kingdom

Course Introduction
•Introductions and course logistics
•Course outline
•Course goals
•Course objectives

Architecture and Components
•Identify the components of a vRealize Automation deployment that is used to manage a multivendor hybrid cloud
•Identify the component design options for vRealize Automation
•Explain the concepts of vRealize Automation administration and self-service provisioning
•Identify how vRealize Automation integrates with other VMware products
•Explain the concept of multitenancy
•Identify the abstraction layers of the vRealize Automation cloud
•Identify the administrator roles used by vRealize Automation

•Explain the vRealize Automation installation prerequisites
•Identify the vRealize Automation appliances and component installers
•Define the vRealize Automation installation procedure

Configuring IaaS
•Define relationships between vRealize Automation entities
•Identify and configure vRealize Automation endpoints
•Identity how vRealize Automation discovers compute resources
•Define vRealize Automation roles
•Identify fabric groups, business groups, and reservations
•Create tenants
•Create and manage reservations for compute resources

Blueprints and Catalog Services
•Cr... [Read More]

VLSI Design Automation - Online

School/Trainer: University of California, Los Angeles
Los Angeles, United States

Fundamentals of design automation of VLSI circuits and systems, including introduction to circuit and system platforms such as field programmable gate arrays and multicore systems, high-level synthesis, logic synthesis, and technology mapping, physical design, and testing and verification.

Travel Industry Automation - Online

School/Trainer: Douglas College Continuing Education
New Westminster, Canada

In this on-line course you will learn how to make worldwide reservations for airlines, hotels, car, and automated fares and ticketing using Sabre and Apollo computer reservation systems. For course credit, students must successfully complete one reservation system program. It is the student&,#146,s option to become proficient in both. You will have up to nine weeks to complete the course. Exercises and exams are on-line and this user friendly program will guide you through the procedures.

Marketing Automation in Microsoft Dynamics CRM 2011 - Online

School/Trainer: ProTech Professional Technical Services, Inc.
Columbia, Columbus, Kansas City, Oklahoma City, Omaha, Pittsburgh, Sacramento, San Francisco, Tulsa, United States

This course introduces you on how to use Microsoft Dynamics CRM to extend the effectiveness of your marketing department and provides context of how to use things such as marketing campaigns, marketing lists, and campaign templates in Microsoft Dynamics CRM. It also discusses the role of campaign activities and marketing lists in campaigns and discusses how to associate sales literature, target products and price lists with marketing campaigns.

1 Day/Lecture &, Lab

This course is designed for new partners and customers of Microsoft Dynamics CRM that want to learn about the available marketing features in the Microsoft Dynamics CRM product.


Implementing and Managing Marketing Campaigns
Analysis, Reporting and Goals

Installing and Unleashing Unicenter Automation Point - Online

School/Trainer: ProTech Professional Technical Services, Inc.
Columbia, Columbus, Kansas City, Oklahoma City, Omaha, Pittsburgh, Sacramento, San Francisco, Tulsa, United States

This course is designed to help you design, install, and implement the Unicenter Automation Point product. It is designed to give a complete understanding of the product essentials in a single course.This enables the attendee to configure Automation Point and develop automation applications on the Windows platform. Quizzes, reviews, and hands-on labs are used to reinforce presented topics.

5 Days/Lecture &, Lab

This course is designed for operations personnel, automation analysts, and systems programmers.


Introduction to CA-Automation Point
Automation Point Project Planning
Windows Overview, including concepts, device drivers, services, networking, and install
Host Connections and Adapter Cards (Terminal emulation, 3270, HLLAPI, and asynch)
Installing Unicenter Automation Point
Configuring Automation Point Parameters
Configuring Keyboard mapping and Scan code files
Configuring Asynchronous Terminal Sessions
Using Automation Point Script files
Automation Point Migration (optional Topic)
Operating CA-Automation Point
Using Remote Operations
Coding Automation Point Rules
Using REXX with Automation Point
Using AXC Command Processors
Designing High Avai... [Read More]

DriveWorksXpress Design Automation - Online

School/Trainer: Javelin Technologies Inc.
Calgary, Dartmouth, Edmonton, Kitchener, Markham, Oakville, Ottawa, Canada

The DriveWorksXpress course introduces you to Design Automation using DriveWorksXpress, an add-in product included with SolidWorks.

The course will be presented as a two-hour session covering:
Introduction to Design Automation
Setting up a DriveWorksXpress project
Creating rules to drive your designs
Tips and Tricks

Computer Skills for the Workplace - Online

School/Trainer: NMSU Alamogordo
Alamogordo, United States

Most jobs today require a working knowledge of certain computer skills. Employers seek and reward employees with the skills and knowledge to send messages across the country via e-mail; use a spreadsheet to create a graph and paste it into a report; add and edit data in a database; understand the implications of file sizes, memory limitations, and network arrangements; and recognize the function and features of modern computer components. Any job candidate who already possesses these skills will stand above those who do not.

This course is designed to provide the fundamental computer competencies you need to survive and prosper in today’s fast-changing workplace. You will learn how to implement the powers of modern office software to work faster and more efficiently. We’ll focus on practical application for software most common to the workplace. When you finish this course, you will have learned why employers consider technological literacy so critical to the success of any organization.

Online on Manual Testing, Automation told:Selenium &Qtp - Online

School/Trainer: Tutorials
plano, United States

we offer training in various courses related to iT industry.

we explain n teach everything with latest technology and on live,realtime projects.

To make students more perfect we even give sample of work to practise.

Industrial Controls - Online

School/Trainer: Mitchell Technical Institute
Mitchell, United States

Controls are at the heart of regulating any electronic or electrical system. This program will build upon your knowledge base of electrical fundamentals and teach you specialty skills like process controls, automation, and the electronic management of routine electrical tasks. MTI’s outstanding reputation in teaching automation and controls forms a basis of this online program.

This program is for experienced electricians, heating and cooling technicians, commercial and industrial maintenance personnel, or anyone with experience working with electricity. A Journeyworker or other professional license is recommended. Applicants to the program will have their experience evaluated to assure that they have the skills necessary to enter the program. A solid foundation in math skills is also desired.

Students who enroll in this program will complete courses like:

?Electronics Theory
?Digital Fundamentals
?Industrial Wiring
?Basics of Motor Theory
?Intro to Motor Controls
?Programmable Logic Controllers
?Intro to Control Devices
?Capstone Projects

Complete the entire program in one year. Individuals who successfully complete the program will be awarded a certificate. This program does qualify for federal financial aid, provided a student remains enrolled in a minimum of six credits per semester.

Office Systems Technology - Online

School/Trainer: Western Kentucky University
Bowling Green, United States

The mission of the Business Technology program is to prepare students academically in a core of courses focused on common business environment skills and specific course concentrations in the following areas: Banking, Information Systems, Office Management, Retail Management, Business Management, and Manufacturing Management.

Test Automation with Selenium - Online

School/Trainer: NobleProg Ltd
London, United Kingdom

Selenium IDE
IDE features
Building test cases
Creating test suites
Executing tests
Extending IDE functionality
Selense commands
Cross browser testing
Editing tests using an HTML editor
Regular expressions
Understand various locators (Xpath, ID etc)
Regression testing with minimum changes
Best practices, TIPs
Understand current test suite
Testing AJAX applications
Handling popup and alerts
Flow control
Verify page elements
Selenium Remote Control (RC)
Installation and configuration
Running HTML test suites against various browsers
Creating batch files
Cross browser testing
Selenium Grid
Distributed testing
Cross browser testing
Installation and configuration
Schedule tests
Compare test results against various releases
User acceptance testing
Defining acceptance criteria
Automating the UAT
Limitations, Issues

Siebel 8.1.x Business Automation - Online

School/Trainer: ExitCertified USA
Houston, Las Vegas, Philadelphia, Phoenix, New York City, Sacramento, San Francisco, San Jose, United States

In this course, students learn fundamental technologies and techniques for automating business processes in Siebel applications. The curriculum focuses on core technologies that are used in many Siebel automation facilities, such as business services and Siebel workflow. Students get hands-on experience with Siebel automation and create solutions to simple and more complex automation problems.

Siebel business automation is implemented both in Siebel Tools and in the Siebel client, and this course presents a discussion of both. Students configure workflow processes and task flows in Siebel Tools, as well as implementing workflows for Siebel Universal Inbox and for Siebel Data Validation Manager. In the Siebel Web client, students implement Siebel State Models, Siebel SmartScripts, and configure assignment rules. Students also learn the role of scripting in automating Siebel applications.

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