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Cosmetology/Esthetics - Online

School/Trainer: Stratford Career Institute
Montreal, Canada

Helping others to look and feel their best is exactly what StratfordćŠ?cosmetology/esthetics course is all about. You can learn the fundamentals of professional technique for skin care, make-up, hair styling, nail care and so much more. Stratford’s course is also an excellent opportunity to explore careers in cosmetology.

Stratford’s cosmetology course could be a stepping stone toward one of many satisfying careers in cosmetology working for beauty salons, spas, beauty care product suppliers or more. Our in-depth curriculum could also help to prepare you for attending more specialized cosmetology/esthetics schools.

Our unique training methods let you learn more about cosmetology and estthetics right in the comfort of your own home. All of your course materials are sent directly to your door. You study when and where it is most convenient for you!

Once you are enrolled in Stratford�esthetics / cosmetology course, your low tuition fee covers everything you will need to successfully graduate and earn your career diploma:
?All textbooks, study guides, and videos
?A full range of student services, including online exams
?A personalized career diploma upon graduation
?Unlimited access to qualified instructors by e-mail or toll-free phone
?Free shipping and handling

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Local Anesthetics - Online

School/Trainer: healthcampus
Austin, United States

Prior to the late 1800’s, the sheer thought of having dental treatment broke many a stalwart patient into a cold sweat. At the time, most dental procedures consisted of grueling extractions during which a major source of pain-relief poured out the mouth of a whiskey bottle. Early anesthetics took much of the pain out of dental treatment, but had serious side effects including allergic reactions and addiction. These problems disappeared with the introduction of lidocaine, which is now the "gold standard" of local anesthesia.

The challenge remains, however, to use local anesthetics correctly. That’s why this course is so important to your practice. It helps you provide optimal dental care with minimal patient discomfort. Among the topics the course covers are the fundamentals of neurotransmission, properties of local anesthetics, appropriate techniques for effective local anesthesia, reasons for failure to achieve ideal anesthesia, adverse systemic reactions and management techniques for emergencies related to local anesthetics. Keep the workbook for your office reference library.


School/Trainer: Inter-Dec College
Montreal, Canada

The targeted skills are:
�Identifying the principles of design.
�Planning your workspace.
�Applying tools to interface design.
�Reinforcing a design with typography.
�Assembling the interface.
�Analyzing your design.
*Software used: Adobe Illustrator.

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