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Animal Breeding - Online

School/Trainer: Colorado State University OnlinePlus
Fort Collins, United States

Genetics and environment work together to determine animal performance. The challenges for animal breeders are to identify the genetically “best�animal for the traits of interest in their production system and to use that animal appropriately in a breeding program to produce better performing progeny. This course aims to provide students with an understanding of genetic principles underlying animal improvement including elementary population genetics, heritability and repeatability. The course then covers selection response, mating system development, and DNA marker technologies—all from a production systems perspective.

Pet Nutrition - Online

School/Trainer: Colorado State University OnlinePlus
Fort Collins, United States

An estimated 60% of behavior problems in dogs and cats are diet related. This course strives to provide students with a basic understanding of dietary requirements for healthy, happy companion animals. Topics covered include basic nutrients, nutrient requirements, feeding practices, prescription diets, developments in pet foods, and sources of nutrients for traditional domestic pets as well as exotics, birds, and wildlife.

Range Animal Production and Management - Online

School/Trainer: Colorado State University OnlinePlus
Fort Collins, United States

This course is of value to anyone interested in organisms that depend on grassland, shrubland, and woodland habitats for food, safety and shelter. Emphasis is on linking the food needs of animals with the potential of the land.

Students can expect the outcomes below from taking this course:
â—?Students will develop a life model for matching the needs of animals to habitat, based on their biology, feeding ecology, and the potential of the land.
â—?Student will be able to evaluate the nutritional attributes of rangeland vegetation to meet the needs of any free-grazing animal. Examples include both domestic and indigenous animals.
â—?Students will gain experience planning landscapes to meet animal needs, using what we know about succession and landscape diversity.

Laboratory Animal Science - Online

School/Trainer: Drexel University
Philadelphia, United States

The Master of Laboratory Animal Science (MLAS) degree is a full-time, two-year program designed for students who want to pursue advanced careers in laboratory animal science or laboratory animal facility management. Most classes are scheduled in the late afternoon and early evening to accommodate working professionals.

The Master of Laboratory Animal Science degree is also a proven enhancement to a veterinary school application. Students take a combination of graduate and first-year medical school courses to improve their qualifications for admission to schools of veterinary medicine.

The Master of Laboratory Animal Science program is the right choice if:

You want to enhance your veterinary school application with the specialization that a master&,#146,s degree provides
You are interested in pursuing career alternatives in biology and animal science other than veterinary medicine
Master of Laboratory Animal Science Curriculum
The Master of Laboratory Animal Science program combines the following areas of training: basic science, laboratory animal science, and a hands-on practicum. The basic science courses are designed to build a solid foundation required for a successful career in laboratory animal science. The laboratory animal science courses focus on all aspects of laboratory animal science and animal facility ... [Read More]

Animal Husbandry - Online

School/Trainer: Loyalist College
Belleville, Canada

Develop basic knowledge of anatomy of the dog, cat, ferret and rabbit. Some previously learned references to ruminants are included. Learn the importance of a clean organized hospital and obtain knowledge that will prepare you for the next stage of animal husbandry.

Animal Behaviour - Online

School/Trainer: Olds College
Olds, Canada

Are you an animal health technologist getting back to work after a maernity leave or just in need of a refresher?

Do you want the latest information?

Do you work with animals and want a better understanding of animal behaviour to increase your feeling of safety?

Do you want the convenience and freedom of online learning?

Animal Behaviour

Theory Only

This is an introductory study of animal behaviour, training and handling. The learner will develop skills in identifying normal and abnormal behaviour in the common domestic species, recognizing effective training protocols and will gain an understanding of how to deal with problem behaviours.

Animal Health Technology - Online

School/Trainer: eCampusAlberta
Calgary, Canada

If you have a passion for animals and enjoy working with people, the Animal Health Technology diploma program can put you on the right track to your dream job. Imagine spending every day working closely with animals and their owners, knowing that your efforts are making a difference in the health of an animal. Whether you prefer working with large or small animals this program provides you with the skills necessary to succeed in your chosen field.

Olds College&,#146,s Animal Health Technology diploma program is offered online through eCampusAlberta.

Certificate III in Captive Animal Studies - Online

School/Trainer: Open Universities Australia
Melbourne, Australia

The Certificate III in Captive Animal Studies (ACM30301) is offered by Sydney Institute which is part of TAFE NSW. The course is designed for individuals wanting to operate at a pre-trade level undertaking captive animal functions in a captive animal facility such as a zoo or wildlife park. It is also suitable for those already employed in the care and husbandry of captive animals.

Whilst undertaking this course you will learn about the daily care of a large variety of animals. You will learn about feeding, maintaining hygiene, maintaining enclosures and exhibits, having direct animal contact, observing animals and ensuring their safety.

By completing this course you will be able to:

Prepare and present information to the public
Assist with collection management
Prepare and maintain housing
Plan and provide nutritional diets
Monitor and maintain animal health and well being
Capture, restrain and assist in moving animals
Monitor animal reproduction


Assignments will be completed and submitted online. There are no invigilated exams in this course.
Career Outcomes

Job roles and titles covered by this qualification may include:
�Trainee keeper
�Pre-trade keeper
�Assistant keeper
�Animal care attendant
�W... [Read More]

Pet Sitting - Online

School/Trainer: Schoolcraft College
Livonia, United States

Translate your passion for animals into a profitable career. Learn the essentials of starting a pet sitting business including animal care, home visits, finances and business start-up essentials.

Animal Science - Online

School/Trainer: Northeast Iowa Community College
Calmar, United States

The Animal Science certificate allows students to tailor their training into a variety of areas of animal production. In addition to taking the background courses in animal science, students can choose to specialize into a particular species or area.

Animal Welfare - Online

School/Trainer: Thompson Rivers University
Kamloops, Canada

This is a program of studies for animal care givers who are interested in upgrading their work skills and for individuals interested in a career in Animal Welfare. The Animal Welfare Certificate Program has been jointly developed by Thompson Rivers University (TRU), and the BC Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals (BC SPCA).

There are many animal care givers who would like to upgrade their working knowledge in this interesting field. They may be employed or are seeking employment in the animal welfare industry, or are involved in retail sectors of the industry, such as pet stores or related pet businesses. However, because of distance, work schedules, financial constraints or time commitments to family or community, it is often not possible for them to travel to a post-secondary institution to attend a training program. Or, there are students who just starting their undergraduate studies who would like to investigate opportunities for a career in Animal Welfare.

TRU and the BC SPCA have developed a program which is based on bringing the learning package to your home or work environment, and which encourages you to use new educational technology. Building on the highly regarded Animal Health Technology Diploma program offered by TRU, and the Bachelor of Science Degree that has prepared graduates for successful entry into Veterinary School, this... [Read More]

Management of Animal Health Related Organizations - Online

School/Trainer: K-State Division of Continuing Education
Manhattan, United States

The purpose of the certificate is to improve the effectiveness of companies in the animal health industry by educating employees and preparing them to take on more responsibilities and expand their career opportunities. The lead course will focus on the managerial challenges and dynamics of the animal health industry. This will be followed by business functional area courses that draw on examples from a range of industries. The certificate program will end with a detailed project that is based on a practical need in the employing organization.

The Graduate Certificate in the Management of Animal Health Related Organizations provides skills in:

Advanced business knowledge in management
Improved effectiveness of animal health industry business functions
Managerial challenges and dynamics of the animal health industry

Animal Sciences and Industry - Online

School/Trainer: K-State Division of Continuing Education
Manhattan, United States

The Animal Sciences and Industry bachelor’s program provides challenging courses to prepare for production, management, marketing, distribution, and sales applications in the food industry at all levels. The program builds on a basic science foundation and is complimented by courses in business, food/meat processing, technology, evaluation, quality assurance, and food safety. This degree includes an Animal Products Option.

Graduates of the program are hired for a variety of business or educational positions as well as by a range of enterprises in the animal science industries.

To apply for the program, students should have completed about two years of university credit courses from an accredited institution.

Currently, ONLY students that reside within the United States are eligible for admission into the Undergraduate Distance Animal Science program. Active duty U.S. military personnel are exempt from this requirement.

Basic Animal Care - Online

School/Trainer: Phoenix College Downtown
Phoenix, United States

The course is designed to assist the student in understanding the basic needs of animals, from the information provided obtain a better understanding of the animal profile and then be able to identify problems. Students will then be able to comfortably understand animal breeds and at an early stage pass on any problems or information to vets or owners.

The course is not designed as a veterinary assistants course, but rather as a possible introduction to the field of animal care and hopefully in the future encourage you to consider a career in animal management.

Course Objectives:
Basic Animal Care Course Content
Reptiles and amphibians
Guinea pigs, hamsters and mice

Animal Pharmacology - Online

School/Trainer: Tidewater Community College
Chesapeake, Norfolk, Portsmouth, Virginia Beach, United States

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