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Microsoft Windows Server 2008 Configuring Active Directory (Certificate)

This course provides students with the knowledge and skills necessary to configure Active Directory Domain Services (AD DS) in a distributed environment, build the foundational skills needed to implement Active Directory Certificate Services (AD CS), configure Active Directory Rights Management Services (AD RMS) settings, and manage Active Directory Federation Services (AD FS) components. Students will also create and configure Group Policies, perform backup and restore, and monitor and troubleshoot Active Directory-related issues.

Module 1:
Plan and Create the Activ... [Read More]

PC Support Specialist (Diploma)

This program prepares students to deal with the problems they may encounter when supporting Personal Computers in an office environment. It provides in-depth knowledge of both computer hardware and software and prepares students to take the A+ certification exam. Students will have practical hands-on experience in trouble shooting computer problems and assembling a computer. Successful students may choose to progress to advanced qualifications such as MCSA or MCSE, which are in high demand. Students are required to take some elective courses from prescribed study areas.
<... [Read More]

Microsoft Windows Server 2008 Configuring Network Infrastructure (Certificate)

This course provides students with the knowledge and skills necessary to configure and troubleshoot a Windows Sever 2008 network infrastructure. Students learn to implement and configure secure network access and implement fault-tolerant storage technologies. In this course, student will gain an understanding of the network technologies most commonly used with Windows Server 2008 and IP-enabled networks, and will learn how to secure servers and maintain update compliance.

Module 1:
IPv4 and IPv6 Addressing, Subnet a Windows Server 2008 Environment, IP Addressin... [Read More]

Microsoft Windows Server 2008 Server Administration (Certificate)

This course provides students with the knowledge and skills necessary to plan, manage, and maintain a Windows Server 2008 operating system infrastructure. Student will learn how to manage the server operating system, file, and directory services, software distribution and updates, profiling and monitoring assigned servers, troubleshooting, application servers and services.

Module 1:
Planning a Windows Server 2008 Deployment, Deploying Windows Server 2008 with BitLocker, Automated Windows Server 2008 Deployments, Considerations for Deploying Windows Server 2008, IPv6 ... [Read More]


Typography is what sets designers apart from other artists. In visual communication, typography must be integrated into a total design. In this 3-lesson course, students explore the anatomy of the letterform. Through interactive lectures and hands-on projects, they learn how to classify typefaces and use them creatively. Understanding the fundamentals of typography will give their work power, eloquence, and beauty.

Fundamentals of Typography Course Breakdown

Lesson 1:
The language of letterform, Early typography, Key measures, Tale of two typographer... [Read More]

Server+ (Certificate)

Module 1:
Hardware Compatibility and Motherboards, System Chassis, Selecting System Memory, Choosing the Right Processor, Installing Basic Server Components, Installing an Expansion Card, Upgrading System Firmware, Installing and Updating Server Components
Module 2:
Before Installing an NOS, Installing NOS Software, Configuring NOS Software, NOS Security, User Management, Resource Management, The Web-based Enterprise Management (WBEM) Initiative, Configuring Advanced NOS Settings
Module 3:
Types of Server Roles, Benefits of Virtualization, Working with Serv... [Read More]

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