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North Battleford, Prince Albert, Saskatoon, Saskatchewan, Canada

Real Estate Law

This course will start with an introduction to real estate law, the Ontario land registration systems and specific interests in land. Topics include estates and interests in land, government controls on the use and disposal of land, registered owner’s status, and relevant statutes, title searching in the Land Titles and Registry systems, mortgages and liens, residential tenancies and condominiums. In the second part of this course the class will cover the steps of a standard residential real estate transaction. Starting with a review of a standard agreement of purchase and sale... [Read More]

Family Law

This course introduces the student to the substantive and procedure law of separation and divorce, including discussions of marriage, spousal and child support, custody and access, common-law relationships, and definition of spouse, property rights, and financial disclosure. Students also work on practical skills that law clerks require when working in a family law practice, including the preparation of relevant family law documents.

Criminal Law

This course introduces students to criminal law and procedure covering the basic principles of criminal liability, including the statutory sources of criminal offences and the concept of burden of proof. Students learn about criminal offences that proceed by way of summary conviction to prepare paralegals for their increased role in criminal trial matters. Basic structure of the Criminal Code will be covered as well as a detailed analysis of police investigatory powers, Charter protections, various defences, the trial process, sentencing, and appeal rights and procedures.

Web Design

Lesson 1:
Competitive analysis and information architecture, course overview, business objectives, competitive analysis, information architecture
Lesson 2:
Wireframes and layouts, wireframes basics, static wireframes, HTML wireframes, static vs. HTML wireframes: which to use? layouts
Lesson 3:
Color and imagery, mood boards, color schemes, implementing color on the web, using images, designing with images
Lesson 4:
Web typography, tour de fonts, typeface anatomy, typeface families, units of measure, typography on the web, redux
Lesson 5:Read More]


Lesson 1:
An Overview of Web Graphics, graphic optimization, A Case Study: Casual Corner: working with photographs, illustrations, thumbnails, and more, An overview of Fireworks, Creating a New Fireworks Graphic, Drawing in Fireworks, Basic Web Features
Lesson 2:
Survey of source file formats and choosing the right Web output format, Photo editing, Digital illustration, Using Fonts as a Graphic Element, working with filters, color-correction commands, the Pen tool, and typography properties
Lesson 3:
Optimization strategies, Load time and audience expectati... [Read More]


Lesson 1:
Getting around in Photoshop, Demystifying Photoshop, Navigating in Photoshop, Selections, layers, and transformations, File format essentials
Lesson 2:
Photo correction and retouching, Why we alter images, Image correction, Image retouching
Lesson 3:
Advanced layers and selections, Selection edges, The barnyard boogie bar, Barn conversion
Lesson 4:
Typography, Type in Photoshop images, Basic type editing, Type panels, Other type tools and features, Alignment and readability effects, Creating a complete type and image layout
Lesson... [Read More]

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