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Seattle, Washington, United States

Health Leadership Executive MBA

The Health Leadership Executive MBA empowers mid- to senior-level professionals and clinicians to successfully lead organizations through results-driven change. It builds on the curriculum of our nationally ranked Leadership Executive MBA program, with 27 credits dedicated to, or customizable for, health care content and health-sector issues.

In this 20-month program, you&,#146,ll gain new insight into the policy, delivery and ethical implications of industry change and how you, as a skilled leader, can actively influence them for good.

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Leadership Executive MBA

Our 20-month program for mid- to senior-level professionals focuses on executive leadership, core business expertise and social responsibility.

Together with a cohort of talented, accomplished professionals you&,#146,ll broaden your leadership perspective through coursework, rigorous application, reflection and dedicated one-to-one executive coaching. You&,#146,ll tap the expertise of world-class faculty and learn alongside talented, accomplished classmates from diverse industries and disciplines. The impact? Immediate, profound, and life changing.

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Sustainability and Business

Students will be exposed to the collective social, environmental, and financial issues present in sustainability challenges and opportunities. The stakeholders of an organization, regulatory effects, and the role of other interested sectors (e.g., not-for-profits) will be included in a variety of frameworks used to evaluate scenarios and solutions.

Sustainable Value Creation

Through the lens of value, the course utilizes a systems perspective to address responses to local and global sustainability challenges. Students will identify the trends and forces in play, apply frameworks and models to create and evaluate available alternatives, and consider appropriate governance mechanisms to execute and implement the desired options. Systems models and sustainability mapping tools highlight opportunities and threats. Given the complexity and broad set of stakeholders involved, creativity, cross-sector partnerships and leadership are included to support the obje... [Read More]

Introductory Statistics for Managers

Completing this online Basic Statistics course satisfies the statistics prerequisite requirement for the Professional MBA program at Seattle University. This class is only open to incoming Professional MBA students and is a non-credit course.

Class Information

This course applies statistics tools and techniques to support decision making in business. The course begins with basic statistical measures of data with descriptive statistics and the use of basic probability theory. The material is applied using probability distributions and how to get descriptive stat... [Read More]

Project Management and Control

Students gain hands-on experience in the entire spectrum of project management skills by planning and completing a complex community service project. Course topics will include project leadership, the role of information systems, project evaluation techniques, managing the customer interface, risk analysis, supplier relationships, cost-schedule control systems, management of project crises, project management software, contract administration, conducting review meetings, and post-project evaluation.

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