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This course focuses on methods and strategies needed to teach English in a non-native English speaking environment. Students will develop knowledge and skills in designing curriculum and materials, developing instructional techniques and employing classroom management strategies that are appropriate for EFL settings.

Clean Technology: Sustainable Energy Management

Beginning with an overview of renewable energy sources, this course explores the fundamentals of different current and future energy systems, with focus on technologies with high developmental potential. We aim to understand energy technologies in a framework of enduring social and environmental stewardship on a global scale. The course offers a systems thinking approach to the subject of energy management, including technological, environmental, economic, strategic, organizational and public policy dimensions.

Public Sector Finance

This course focuses on microeconomics, finance, and budgeting theories and their application to policy and management in the public and non-profit sectors. In this course, the concept of efficiency is developed and applied along with the goal of social equity to help determine the roles of the public, private and non-profit sectors in the provision of goods and services. The relationship between finance/applied economics and sustainable development will also be discussed. Students will learn concepts and theories foundational to public finance and learn to apply them in public admini... [Read More]

Leadership for Sustainable Management

This course is a learning journey through which we invite you to explore your relationship to others and to the environment �so that you may serve as leaders and collaborators in creating a sustainable world. We begin by making explicit the emerging worldview that challenges the current status quo and allows for visions of possibility to emerge: the systems perspective. We explore the meaning of leadership as it has changed over time and the new roles required to facilitate organizational and social transformation toward sustainability. Collaborative processes, as the core of the tr... [Read More]

Sustainable Products and Services

The evolving principles of sustainable management will be leveraged to explore the creation and development of sustainable products and services. The course merges theory and practice, investigates the linkages between products and services, examines historic, current, and future examples of sustainable products and services, and guides students toward practical tools of inquiry and application that will serve them in their careers in sustainable management. The final course outcomes are professional-quality group projects to be published (or be deemed publishable by Presidio faculty... [Read More]

Sustainable Management

The primary objective of this course is to impart a basic understanding of the social and environmental sustainability challenges facing managers in today’s world. The course seeks to develop students�critical capacities for self-reflection and action in relation to these concepts. Course graduates will possess the understanding and experience to integrate environmental and social sustainability with commercial and economic success. Lectures and readings provide an overview of the critical literacies in environmental and social issues, the history of the sustainability movement, inc... [Read More]

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