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Calgary, Alberta, Canada

IMAGE UPDATE 101 Workshop

Need to update your Makeup, Hair and Wardrobe, try something new or remain updated? &,#146,Image Update 101&,#146, gives an informative fresh look at how to make the best of yourself. Come and spend the day with us exploring your style potential!

•Makeup ◦We take the confusion out of your daily makeup application, we know how easy it is to get stuck in a rut and although there are endless possibilities it&,#146,s hard when you don&,#146,t know where to start! We will help you to apply a basic look properly and show you how to enhance your positiv... [Read More]

Pro Makeup Kit

The following are the products included if you have ordered the ‘Pro Makeup Kit? You have all the products needed to begin your career as a professional makeup artist. Our suggestion would be to take all products out of their packaging and organize in your kit bag so you are familiar with where everything is stored.

•Cotton wool
•Alcohol Bottle
•Water Bottle
•Anti-Bacterial Brush Cleaner

Skin Care
•Dual Action Eye Makeup Remover
•Cleanser - Superwear Makeup Remover

Face<... [Read More]

Eyelash Extensions (Certificate)

This is a new technique created to enhance the length and thickness of the natural lashes. The extensions are applied one by one to the existing lashes creating a natural or very enhanced look to the eye. The lashes last 4-6 weeks, then touch ups are required. This is a great service to offer to clients in a salon setting, for brides to be, and for models. Eyelash extensions are the latest beauty trend?now is the time to get started.

Airbrushing (Certificate)

This 2-day course helps complete any makeup artist’s knowledge. Let us update your skills with this increasingly popular method of makeup application used by many of the top makeup artists in the industry. It is necessary for those taking this course to have the basic 8 or 16-week makeup course. This course concentrates on various techniques of airbrush application, including facial makeup, bodywork, stenciling, and air tanning.

•Understanding your compressor and airbrush
•Working with different nozzles and pressure
•Line, movement and motion
•Angle and dis... [Read More]

Fashion Styling (Diploma)

This course is designed for those wanting to break into the industry as a fashion stylist for photo shoots and runway shows. Students develop an understanding of designers and trends, delving deep into industry publications. They follow new cult trends on a daily basis encouraging them to explore their full creative potential. Students learn about topics such as, understanding body shape and type, fibers and textiles, color theory, image consulting, fashion and catalogue shoots, accessories, fashion lay downs, on and off figure styling, fashion show production, story board prep, fash... [Read More]

Special Effects Film Makeup (Diploma)

This course teaches everything you need to know to become a well-rounded and capable Special FX out-of-kit artist. You will be creating and learning about, basic wound effects, illnesses, hair-laying, bald caps, tattoo effects and much more. At the end of the course you will be able to realistically create and develop character “looks?and take any challenge head on with your new found set of diverse skills. Upon completion of the course, graduates will be highly competent and able to take their skills to the next level with an accredited diploma. This is the perfect next step for t... [Read More]

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