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Wind Energy Technology

There are very few institutions in the country that provide training for entry-level workers for wind-based electric power plants. Wind-based electric plants (farms) are operated by small groups of highly trained individuals. This online program is designed for people who seek entry level jobs in a wind-based electric power generation facilities. Currently, there are thousands of wind-based electric generators operating in the United States.

Due to environmental reasons as well as a desire to limit reliance on foreign oil, it is expected that wind-based energy is going to be ... [Read More]

Weatherization Energy Auditor

This course is tailored specifically for Department of Energy’s (DOE) Weatherization Program and similar utility-funded programs. This course is based on the "Core Competencies for the Weatherization Assistance Program" developed by the Weatherization Trainers Consortium.

The curriculum elements are specifically designed to train technicians involved in the field of building performance and energy efficiency by offering distance learning courses that are suited for continuing education, test preparation, and career enhancement. The course is also compliant with... [Read More]

Wastewater Treatment Operations Certificate

Clean water is essential for everyday life. Water treatment plant and system operators treat water so that it is safe to drink. Most state drinking water and water pollution control agencies require courses to improve operators’ skills and knowledge. Courses included in the program are: *Wastewater Treatment 1 *Wastewater Treatment II *Wastewater Treatment - Industrial *Wastewater Collection Systems *Wastewater Analysis. These courses meet or exceed most state licensure requirements and are developed to the standards of the Office of Water Programs at California State University... [Read More]

Sustainability Planning Specialist

A six hour course for professional development to address organizational sustainability issues, how to assist a company in developing a plan to have a more sustainable approach in areas such as waste stream management, green building practices, and green procurement plans.

Students begin this 6 hour course upon registration and must complete the class within 1 month for successful completion.

Solid Waste Operations Certificate

This 132 hour/four-course program is important training for homeland security as it relates to solid waste management. This introductory course includes instruction in landfill operations, composting operations, household hazardous waste, and wastewater operations (solids). These classes will meet or exceed most state requirements for the educational components of certification and/or licensing required for solid waster professionals.

Students begin this 132 hour course upon registration and must complete the class within 12 months for successful completion.

Photovoltaic System Design and Installation

This online course will provide the student technician with the fundamental knowledge of photovoltaic system design and installation. This course will be suitable for a supervised, entry-level position with a dealer/installer or other photovoltaic, industry company. Student technicians will learn practical design criteria, installation guidelines, safety issues, maintenance, and legal considerations of photovoltaic systems.

Students begin this 85 hour course upon registration and must complete the class within 16 weeks for successful completion.

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