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Advanced Financial Planning

This module builds upon the foundations in Financial Planning and the knowledge requirements in Modules 2 to 5 to enable the CFP professional to construct a comprehensive Financial Plan for a client. This module covers the process of developing, recommending and executing appropriate financial planning strategies to a client and also important aspects related to ongoing monitoring and evaluation of financial plans.

Tax Planning & Estate Planning

This module would cover the knowledge requirements relating to tax planning and estate planning for a CFP professional. It teaches a student to evaluate the appropriateness of tax strategies for individual family situations and how to integrate tax planning into the 6 steps Financial Planning Process. It also covers the study of universal nature of estate planning needs of a client. It teaches the students how to make tax friendly investment decisions for their clients and also to how to ensure a smooth passage of estate to the legal heirs.

Investment Planning

This module includes introduction to Investment Planning, Investment vehicles, investment strategies, Regulation of an investment advisor, Application to clients, etc. It covers the importance of investment planning in the Financial Planning process, ethical issues for advisors, regulation of advisors. It teaches how to choose investment products in terms of their risk-return characteristics and how to evaluate investment choices in the context of clients Financial Planning needs. It also covers detailed study of portfolio management and rebalancing strategies and equips a planner ... [Read More]

Retirement Planning & Employees Benefits

This module assesses the significance of retirement planning, and it covers a detailed study of various retirement benefit schemes available under both Defined benefit and Defined Contribution Plans such as gratuity, leave Encashment, VRS, EPF, PPF, Superannuation Fund etc. and also various Small Savings and other schemes available for the benefit of Retired people. It also covers the process to be adopted while developing a retirement plan. It focuses on identifying and quantifying the retirement needs of the client and to recommend appropriate retirement solutions to a client.

Risk Analysis & Insurance Planning

This module would cover the knowledge requirements relating to insurance and risk analysis for a CFP certification. It introduces students to risk analysis and insurance decisions in personal Financial Planning. Planning for clients�exposures to mortality, health, disability, property, liability, and long term care risk is emphasized. The module reviews various insurance products, pertaining to both general and life insurance. It teaches a student how to analyze various insurance needs, such as medical, disability, life and also covers the concepts of determining the type and amount... [Read More]

Introduction to Financial Planning

This module is very comprehensive and offers a complete overview of the financial planning process and code of ethics prescribed by the FPSB, India to be followed by the financial planners. Apart from this it focuses on the Financial Mathematics and the Time Value of Money Calcualtions which form the abse of this education program. It also covers the other practical aspects of financial planning and familiarizes the students with concepts of risk management, investments products, insurance, retirement products, tax and estate planning, which are covered in greater detail in the subse... [Read More]

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