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Taxation Considerations for Estates and Trusts

One of the essentials to administering an estate or trust is being able to advise clients on the potential for minimizing taxation upon the date of death. This is a complicated undertaking which requires detailed information for preparing all final tax filings. Trust specialists must be prepared to handle T1s, T3s and understand how to minimize taxation not only for the deceased and beneficiaries but also for continuing trusts. Grasping those intricacies will reinforce the career of experienced professionals.

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Laws of Estates and Trusts

Managing estates and trusts requires a wealth of legal knowledge of trusts. This includes knowing how they are prepared and their requirements, rules, and procedures. It also takes an innate understanding that clients expect their interests to be consistently monitored, and to be kept abreast of potential liabilities. Combining these elements is the trademark of a seasoned estate and trust specialist.

Introducing the NEW Laws of Estates and Trusts (LET) course
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Estate and Trust Asset Management

Estates holding unique assets can test the business and legal acumen of an estate and trust professional. Whether an estate holds an operating business, a farm or foreign assets, the learning curve may be high for even the most seasoned professional. They must understand the rules for trustee investments, estate management, and the responsibilities of executors and trustees.

Introducing the NEW Estate and Trust Asset Management (ETM) course
The NEW ETM course provides advanced professionals in the estate and trust divisions of banks with the skills to handle diverse client... [Read More]

Estate and Trust Administration

Study the administrative, legal and tax filing requirements for estates and trusts. Understand both the executor and trustee viewpoints, as well as the duties involved in administering the property of those who are incapable of handling their own affairs.

This course is designed to be applicable to all provinces. Most provinces operate under Common Law. The one exception is Quebec which operates under the Civil Code. The study material distinguishes between provincial laws and you are expected to study the laws of your province of residence. You will be expected to answer exa... [Read More]

Branch Managers

Step into the job of supervising a securities industry business activities with the confidence to make winning business decisions. The Branch Managers Course (BMC) is the most comprehensive and up-to-date program available to investment and mutual fund dealers, and is designed to prepare you with the practical skills required to maintain branch profitability and effectively manage your staff.

Investment Advisor

Developed by CSI, the Investment Advisor Training Program significantly enhances a firm’s internal training program by adding comprehensive content that helps its staff gain the practical knowledge and skills required to work effectively in an advisory or sales capacity within the securities industry.

The program focuses on basic knowledge and applied education, including online, interactive diagnostic tools, to help students understand and retain course content.

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