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Principles of Web Design

Professionals enrolled in this course learn established principles of web design including planning, production, and maintenance without having to absorb unnecessary complexity and jargon. Participants learn how these principles apply in web design projects whose primary concerns are information design, interface design and efficient search and navigation.

This two-day course transfers valuable skills for the marketplace. Professionals will be able to:

Create an overview the website development process
Evaluate usability on the web
Survey s... [Read More]


The popular programming language, JavaScript, enhances the functionality of web pages. All major web browsers support the language including Firefox, Internet Explorer, and Safari. Hypertext Markup Language (HTML) is the primary language for publishing on the web. However, it is a markup language rather than a programming language, and offers limited functionality.

This course provides a basic overview of JavaScript. Participants will learn to write and run scripts within a web page from a separate file, create scrolling messages and write a script that acts upon user response.


Participants in this course will gain an overview of Hypertext Markup Language (HTML), the primary language for publishing on the World Wide Web. Topics covered include HTML tags and attributes, lists, tables, links, color and text appearance, forms and frames. The second day of the course will build upon the material covered in the first day as well as cover XHTML, CSS, and using multimedia files, submitting a site to a search engine and code validation. Professionals will have the opportunity to expand upon their knowledge of useful yet often overlooked tags.

Graphic Design for Marketing Professionals

This course is designed to train professionals on basic graphic design principles needed for small projects while also providing insight on communicating with a professional graphic designer on complicated multi-step designs.

Participants who complete this course will learn:

Fundamental Terminology: the meanings and application of common terms
Tools such as software and file formats
Color matching systems, basic color theory and color trends
Layout techniques such as text flows, grids and how to establish hierarchy
Choosin... [Read More]


Cascading Style Sheets (CSS) speeds up and improves website development. This course demystifies this technology and fosters quick and efficient website production. Create clean, attractive sites that use less code and can be modified to change the entire look of your site in minutes.

The course covers a variety of key topics. Participants who complete the course will be able to:

Understand the relationship between CSS selectors and declarations as well as HTML elements and attributes
Write CSS code
Identify the different types of style sh... [Read More]


Enroll in this course to learn fundamental techniques to create and deliver effective PowerPoint presentations.This course will teach participants the basic features of PowerPoint such as working with bullet slides, charts, SmartArt, clip art, drawing tools, and tables. In addition, working with the slide master to make global changes to the presentation and templates will be covered too. Prepare and run a slide show with transitions and timings. Finally, learn about printing speaker notes and handouts for your audience.

After you have completed, you will be able to:
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