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California Institute of the Healing Arts & Sciences About the school

Sacramento, California, United States

Clinical Hypnotherapist (Diploma)

This training program offers an advanced /comprehensive and in depth approach to the spectrum of holistic healing and hypnosis techniques. It is designed to offer those preparing for a professional hypnotherapy and alternative healing practice the greatest advantage.

Offered as an advanced/comprehensive professional hypnotherapy training course for professional uses of hypnosis or human growth and potential in personal use.

Length of the course is 200 clock hours of instruction (or four modules). Modules are taught in an independent format. Classes meet Saturda... [Read More]

Life Coach (Diploma)

California Institute&,#146,s Life Coach Program offers the student the flexibility to choose from a wide variety of career directions.

Some of our graduates enter private practice, while others find employment in the corporate world.

Enjoy an incredibly uplifting career. . .

In as little as 6 months you will be coaching business professionals and other individuals to help them reach their highest potential. You will learn how to help people increase their own personal power, build self-esteem, erase lifelong fears, maintain an inner calm in any ... [Read More]

Behavioral Therapist (Diploma)

This training program offers the most advanced, comprehensive and in depth approach to the broadest spectrum of alternative, holistic healing and hypnotherapy techniques. It is designed to offer those preparing for a professional alternative healing practice the greatest advantage in skill.

In addition, this advanced/comprehensive professional training course is for professional uses of healing states for human growth and potential in personal use.

Length of the course is 400 clock hours of instruction. Classroom hours plus an externship equal the 400-hours. Mo... [Read More]

Holistic Health Practitioner (Diploma)

Our Accredited Holistic Health Practitioner Program will prepare you for a profession as a Holistic Health

Practitioner in your own private practice.

The Course has an emphasis on the mind/body/spirit/emotion connection as it relates to holistic studies,

consists of classroom hours and an intern/externship.

It combines lecture, demonstrations, techniques, and professional skills, along with hands-on experiences

in the classroom. This course equally focuses between the goals of mastering clinic... [Read More]

Alternative Therapy

Whether you are pursuing a career in the Healing Arts &, Sciences as a professional in the Holistic Field or on a more personal journey, to help yourself, friends and family, we have designed a program specifically tailored to meet your goals.

We offer the highest quality education in Alternative Therapies available, along with marketing training and support. Using a style of education, which is exciting and innovative, we teach the skills, tools, and techniques that bring out the best in you. By using the holistic approach, which is working with the person as a whole, ... [Read More]

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