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Toronto, Ontario, Canada

Truck and Coach Technician - Freightliner (Certificate)

This 36-week program provides:

�2 weeks of in-class theory as well as hands-on lab training
•Four-week unpaid work placement
•Work placement takes place at various Harper Freightliner dealerships or fleet locations within the area of southern Ontario
•Training will be focused on the most recent truck and coach technology in a state-of-the-art classroom and lab
Highly-qualified and experienced faculty members emphasize aspects of heavy vehicle technology that are embodied in the program. This includes the diagnosis and repair of the following c... [Read More]

Workplace Wellness and Health Promotion (Certificate)

Centennial&,#146,s Workplace Wellness and Health Promotion graduates promote the total well-being of individuals and groups within a corporate and community context. Skilled in program design and management, psycho-social and physical health issues, mental health management, nutrition, program planning and health promotion theory, graduates bring a holistic and multi-disciplinary approach to workplace wellness and community health promotion.

This is Canada’s first post-graduate wellness program with a respected national and international reputation that is recognized ... [Read More]

Tourism Management - Cultural and Heritage Tourism (Diploma)

Graduates are prepared to:
•Ensure a high degree of customer satisfaction, while promoting tourism products, services and experiences in a professional manner, both individually and as part of a team
•Promote and market tourism products, services and experiences consistent with a marketing plan
•Promote sustainable tourism through the application of knowledge of the various tourism industries and their interactions
•Contribute to the effective daily operations of a tourism organization through individual and team efforts
•Access, document and appropriatel... [Read More]

Tourism and Travel (Diploma)

Program Highlights
•Opportunity exists for an optional international field trip that provides practical exposure to all aspects of travel
•Students receive Apollo and Sabre computerized airline reservation system training
•Volunteer opportunities exist at major events in and around Toronto (i.e. Walk of Fame, Rendezvous Canada and various trade shows)
•Cruise line training includes the Cruise Line International Association (CLIA) two and a half-day “training fest�conducted by CLIA-Trainers
•Program is endorsed by the Canadian Institute of Travel Counsell... [Read More]

Sports Journalism (Certificate)

Sports Journalism is a unique post-graduate program preparing you for a career in the ever-changing world of sports media. From covering local athletes up to professionals, you’ll develop specialized talents in sports writing (print, TV, Radio, online), broadcast (producing, on-air performance, chase and field producing, radio hosting, updates), online (using editorial publishing tools, blogging) and social media (Twitter, Facebook, Pinterest, etc.) as you tell the stories behind the games, the players and the fans.

You’ll learn best practices for sports journ... [Read More]

Interactive Gaming (Diploma)

This advanced diploma will prepare you to work as a software developer in the game software industry. Graduates will be able to participate in various phases of the game programming life cycle, such as game design, three-dimensional graphics programming, game engine design, multiplayer online game programming and more.

The course work in the program will emphasize object-oriented software design methodologies, user-oriented interface design, Microsoft’s .NET, DirectX, XNA, Flash, HTML5, Software Testing and QA, C#, Java, Java EE, Oracle, MS-SQL Server, Rational/ WebSpher... [Read More]

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