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Karachi, Pakistan

Banking Operations & Management

The course will cover the following broad areas:
1.Formation of a banking company in Pakistan: Legal & other requirements.
2.Commercial Banking: Functions and Source of Funds in relation to legal, economic and social factors involved.
3.(Articles Presentation)
4.Banker Customer Relationship �Bankers Duty to Secrecy.
5.KYC and Customers Accounts: Individual, Institutional and Corporate.
6.(Articles Presentations)
7.Negotiable and other instruments: Promissory Notes, Bill of Exchange, Cheques, Receipts, Bonds, Coupons, Dividend Warrants, Letters of Credit a... [Read More]

International / Global Marketing

1. The Scope and Challenge of International Marketing
•International Marketing �Definition, Task and Concepts
•Self �Reference Criterion
•Developing Global Awareness

2. Cultural Dynamics in Assessing Global Markets
•Culture and its Elements
•Cultural Knowledge, Values and Changes

3. Business Customs in Global Marketing
•Required Adaption
•Methods of Doing Business

4. The Political Environment
•Political Risk in Global Business and Reducing Political Vulnerability

5. The International Legal Requirement
•Bases for Le... [Read More]

Advertising & Promotion

1. The Dimension of Advertising
•What is advertising?
•The Human communication process: applying the communication process to advertising.
•Marketing: determining the types of advertising to use.
•What is marketing?
�Identifying target markets and target audiences.
•Implementing marketing strategy
•Integrating marketing strategy
•Integrating marketing

2. The Scope of Advertising: form local to global
•The advertising industry
•The organizations in advertising
•The people in advertising
•The adviser (the client)
•Local adver... [Read More]

Financial Management

1. An Overview of Financial Management

Career, Opportunities in Finance, Financial Management in 1990s, Forms of Organizations, Function of Financial management, Goals of Corporations, Business Ethics, Agency Problems, Managerial Incentives, Internal Vs. External Environmental.

2. Discounted Cash Flow Analysis

Time Line, Future Value, Present Value, Interest Rate Factors, Future Value of an Annuity, Perpetuities, Uneven Cash Flow Stream, Compounding Periods, Types of Interest Rates, Fractional Time Periods, Amortized Loan.

3. Valuation Models

S... [Read More]


•Nature and Objective of an Audit
•Kinds of Audit
•Audit Engagement Letter
•Audit Planning
•Controlling of an Audit and Its Procedure
•Audit Documentation
•Risk Assessment and Internal Control (As-6)
•Audit Techniques and Procedure
•Audit Evidence, Types and Procedures
•The Auditor’s Report and Management Responsibilities
•Professional Ethics and Management Responsibilities
•Verification of Assets, Liabilities and Other Transactions
•Six-Points Techniques of Verification and Analytical Procedure

Production Management

This course aims to provide students basic knowledge of current production and operations management practices and techniques to produce and services.

Operational Management provides a powerful tool to students for achieving organizational objectives and competitive strategies in today’s Competitive World.

•Introduction of Production and Operation Management
•Operation and Productivity
•Operations as a Competitive Weapon
•Operations Strategy
•Process Management
•Management of Technology
•Work �Force Management
•Statistic... [Read More]

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