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Saint John, New Brunswick, Canada

ABCs of Investing/RRSPs

Are you wondering if your RRSP is your best investment idea? Would a TFSA be any better? Is this all Greek to you?

Knowing what decisions to make about your RRSPs and other investments can be difficult. This course is intended to help you understand investment terms and products and to introduce you to strategies and concepts to help build your personal net worth and security. Presented in a relaxed and comfortable atmosphere, you will have lots of opportunities to ask questions.

This course is your next great investment!

Acoustic Guitar

You’ve always dreamed of playing guitar, and now is the time to begin. With Acoustic Guitar Basics, you will start at the beginning, learning how to tune your instrument, identify the strings and how to play basic chords. You will learn how to “count?music and learn to play in different time signatures. You don’t need to know any music theory to start this class, you will learn the necessary basics as we go along.

You’ll learn how a capo works, and how to find the right range to match your guitar and voice. You will be introduced to the Nashville numbering system that wil... [Read More]

Action Photography

Capture the moment in a world of motion. Whether you’re at a children’s soccer game or a rock-and-roll concert, you want to learn the tips and techniques to taking expert action photos!

Photographer, Michael Stringer, will be instructing students on-site in various locations, guiding them through hands-on experiences in Action Photography. This course will also touch on editing your photographs, following the on-site photo shoots.

Classes will be conducted at a variety of live-action events like: basketball, roller derby, hockey and dance. Exact class locati... [Read More]

Architectural Photography

Enhance your compositional skills and creativity with architectural/street photography. Capture Saint John&,#146,s architectural wonders using a variety of equipment and techniques specific to photographing buildings. Explore effective interior and exterior lighting, and learn to recognize line, shape and form in architectural structures.

With Instructor Michael Stringer, you will travel around the city looking more deeply at sights you see regularly but might not pay much attention to. Michael will help you look with a photographer’s eye, how to find and capture images... [Read More]

Birdhouses in Mosaic Workshop

Birdhouses just seem to beckon a person into whimsical acts of inventiveness in decoration. Riotous colours and architectural excess. Why not have a purple and orange house? Why not give your broken china a new life as roof shingle? The birds won’t pass judgement. Let your child side delight in adorning a home for your favorite chickadee.

In this 6 hour workshop we will learn how to prepare a surface for mosaic work, how to mix mortar and apply it and how to safely cut and nip tile to create your birdhouse beautiful! Participants are asked to bring a small wooden birdhouse... [Read More]

Clawhammer Banjo

In this class, you’ll learn the basic strum patterns, hand positions for the right hand and other special clawhammer tricks that make it sound so compelling- the double-thumb and drop thumbing. It’s the right hand work that makes this unique sound, and figuring out how to put the moves together is a real art. You’ll learn some different banjo tunings that are attached to various traditional tunes, and you’ll learn a whack of different new tunes and songs.

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