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Family Counseling

Students will survey various frameworks from the field of couples and family counseling which focus on facilitating change in relational patterns. Principles in Relational-Cultural Therapy, Solution Focused Therapy, Internal Family Systems Therapy, Narrative Therapy, Brief Strategic Family Therapy, Function Family Therapy and Communication Analysis will be explored. Emphasis will also be placed on at risk families that face challenging issues such as neglect, addictions, domestic violence, trauma, sexual abuse, acculturation pressures, and mental illness. Effective treatment planning... [Read More]

Addictions Counseling

The etiology, assessment, diagnosis, and treatment of addictions will be explored through bio-psycho-social models of theory and practice with addiction counselors and dance/movement therapists. Community learning through attendance at community support groups is essential for the completion of course requirements.


This course will qualify graduate students in the basic techniques, materials, processes, and concepts used in the Bookbinding. Techniques will be taught as a method of investigation, a material exploration of ideas. Projects will focus on acquiring basic skills, a competency on bindery equipment, knowledge of both archival concerns and experimental forms, while stressing the adaptation of structure to content.

Writing for Children

Course examines writing books for children–from lap-sitter to young adult, including fiction, creative nonfiction, and plays, with emphasis on characterization, theme, plot, setting, dialogue, and conflict. Professional tips on subject matter of interest to children, preparation of manuscripts for publication, and possible markets will also be studied.

Museum Branding

Course will explore how each aspect of the museum - exhibitions, docent tours, museum architecture, the board of trustees, restaurant, museum store, volunteers, Web site, graphics, marketing materials, and events–affects brand image. With so many museums competing for the consumers�leisure time and money, museums must differentiate themselves and build loyalty. Coursework includes case studies, simulated branding projects, museum visits, and internet, ethics, and globalism modules. The course prepares students for internships and service learning opportunities.

Concepting & Brainstorming

Course challenges students to explore various brainstorming and concept development methods and techniques in the creation of advertising, promotions, new products, marketing strategies, and more. With a focus on understanding and accessing the conceptual self, course teaches students how to connect with consumers and the media environment more effectively.

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