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Process Control

introduces students to the theory and application of process instrumentation and to the variables that affect industrial processes. Students become acquainted with concepts such as process variables, measuring devices, control loops, control valves, and process diagrams. Building on the knowledge from previous courses, students learn how plant equipment is controlled.


Examination of the contemporary and historical nature and extent of crime. Specific attention is given to various forms of crime in our society, including white collar crime, delinquency, organized crime and violent crime. Contemporary theories and research related to crime causation and the methods, past and present, of dealing with offenders, the police, courts and prisons also are discussed.

Social Psychology

Examines the behavior of the individual in the social environment. Topics include attitudes, conformity, persuasion, prejudice, aggression and attraction.

Adolescent Psychology

This course studies physical, cognitive, social and emotional development, during the period from childhood to maturity known as adolescence. Students will explore various psychological theories and perspectives related to adolescent development.

Child Psychology

Examines the development of the child from conception to adolescence. The influences of heredity as well as developmental processes such as physical maturation, cognitive changes, personality and social growth are studied.

Practical Photography for the Beginning Photographer

Through a series of practical camera-based exercises, this course provides beginning-level camera owners with (a) an overview of equipment available, (b) creative project ideas to explore with their camera, (c) compositional and technical skills beyond novice levels, and (d) a vision of useful and career-enhancing projects and possibilities beyond the class.

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