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Toronto, Ontario, Canada


Learn basic techniques specific to watercolours, and develop your own style of working. Step-by-step instruction takes a novice through the entire creative process of painting. Develop an awareness of the proper compositional techniques used in watercolour paintings.

Portraiture in Oils

Learn to paint portraits and the human body using a variety of techniques. Work with models to explore proportion, form and anatomy. Learn to plan a painting, block in the composition, observe light and atmosphere and mix colours for flesh tones in both light and shadow.

Landscape Painting in Oils

Learn to plan a painting, block in the composition and observe light, atmosphere and the colours of objects and shadows. Step-by-step demonstrations trace the painting process, from sketching and underpainting in washes to constructing a finished painting by building up layers of impasto.

Acrylic Painting

Discover the versatility of the easy-to-use medium of acrylic paint. In each class, explore a different facet of painting and then work on a project designed to use your newly acquired knowledge. Learn about colour mixing, acrylic mediums, acrylics as watercolours and acrylics as oils. This course is suited to both beginners and those with intermediate skill.

Painting (Certificate)

This certificate allows you to explore painting through a variety of media, including acrylic, oil and watercolour. Learn to capture both the tangible and the intangible through personal expression. Acquire a knowledge of art history, theory and criticism as you develop your own style.

Drawing (Certificate)

This certificate explores the essential foundations of drawing, which act as the basis for all other forms of art. Learn to perceive, read and interpret the visual world. Explore different styles of drawing using a variety of materials, including pastel, charcoal, conté, ink and pencil.

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