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Washington DC, United States

Strategic Sales Planning

Validate the effectiveness of your sales plans and drive bottom-line results for your credit union.

Like any other component of credit union business, you’ll be more effective if you have a well-defined strategy for sales that mirrors the credit union’s overall strategy. To do this, you need to focus sales efforts on high-gain activities that will help generate revenue and positively impact the overall goals and objectives of your credit union.

This session will illustrate what you should consider in developing a strategic sales plan, including:
•Alignment with the... [Read More]

Managing Credit Risk

Expand your knowledge of managing credit risk. Making the right strategic decisions without thoroughly understanding the different types of credit risk can be tough. See first-hand how these factors impact your credit union’s balance sheet and overall growth.

During this session, you will:
?Explore credit risk and how to manage and control it
?Understand the role of credit risk while managing the balance sheet
?Become more familiar with the different types of credit risk
?Explore forecasting methods for loan delinquency and charge-offs

Introduction to Investments

You may have a good sense of how investments work, but are you familiar with how they function within your credit union? This overview of investments provides you with an understanding of how to manage investments and fit them into your credit union’s investment approach.

During this session, you will:
?Learn the basic terms and concepts for investments
?Explore the key components of a sound investment policy
?Discover how financial management foundations need to be applied when using investments
?Establish investment objectives and identify investment opt... [Read More]

Financial Management Analysis and Problem Solving

Problem-solving skills are the key to exceptional financial management. During this webinar, you’ll begin to develop those skills using real-world tools. You’ll work with a balance sheet and analyze how assets can be used to increase your credit union’s growth.

During this session, you will:
?Examine how ALM modeling techniques have adapted to both product innovations and regulatory pressure for credit unions
?Learn how to apply financial management tools to balance sheet management

Financial Statement Analysis

Dig deeper into financial analysis. This webinar will help you develop the skills needed to analyze your credit unions financials. From calculating key ratios to understanding the importance of Non-Interest Income, you will not want to miss this chance to grow your financial knowledge. See topics for more details.

Compliance Testing & Auditing

Better protect your credit union and place stronger internal controls within your credit union. Almost every functional area in the credit union is subject to federal regulations, state laws or both. Noncompliance with these laws and regulations can be costly and result in reputational damage and civil liability. Consequently, it is vital that compliance officers conduct compliance reviews and tests of business activities to monitor the effectiveness of compliance policies & procedures and staff adherence to them.

During this webinar, you will learn to:
?Develop a complia... [Read More]

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