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Manila, Philippines

Certified Business Continuity Professional

This certification class is designed for those seeking to earn the Certified Business Continuity Professional (CBCP) credential. Sponsored by the Disaster Recovery Institute International, this credential is an internationally recognized certification in business continuity which will be awarded to those demonstrating both knowledge and skill in the business continuity /disaster recovery industry. This course is specifically designed for those seeking to obtain the CBCP certification by DRI International.

Students will understand the critical areas of business continuity i... [Read More]

Executive Crisis Management

This 2-day intensive course covers strategies and methods for senior executives to guide and manage crisis response activities, as well as the foundational work their organization must undertake to be prepared to ensure continuity of operations in times of crisis.

Following our 2 day intensive course students should be conversant with business continuity and disaster recovery concepts, as well as the part senior executives play in steering their organizations through a crisis.

Security Risk Management

This 3-day intensive course covers guidelines and methods of conducting security risk assessments, the business context and drivers for managing security risks, and the broader issue of risk management in an enterprise context.

Following our 3 day intensive course students attendees should be conversant with security risk management principles and practices including:

1.International practice
2.ISO310000 standards
3.Negotiating the scope and rigour of risk assessments
4.Interfacing with assessment teams and stakeholders
5.Reporting mechanisms

National Cyber Security

This one day course is designed to highlight the growing strategic importance of cyber security at the national level in terms of military, economic, and political importance. The seminar is delivered at an unclassified level a highly accessible manner.

Following this seminar students should be conversant with the history of cyber security as it has played out in recent global political and military events, why cyber security is now as important as other elements of the traditional ‘services of the armed forces�paradigm, and how economies are vulnerable to and can be hard... [Read More]

Cyber Crime Awareness

This half day staff seminar is designed to ensure your staff are far more resilient to cyber exploitation than their current risk profile. Covering topics such as ransom-ware, social engineering, and high profile attacks against corporations, the seminar is delivered to the laymen audience in a highly accessible manner which ensures maximum retention and enduring staff awareness of how to avoid being the weak link in your corporate security defenses.

Following our seminar, students should be conversant with principles of safe online behavior as well as how modern cyber sec... [Read More]

Security+ Workshop

This 5-day intensive course will provide IT and cyber security professionals with a comprehensive and concentrated exposure to the relevant areas of knowledge that the Security+ credential tests, as well as critical exam taking tips unique to the Security+ exam experience. CompTIA Security+ certification covers network security, compliance and operation security, threats and vulnerabilities as well as application, data and host security. Also included are access control, identity management, and cryptography. Our course focuses on these areas and exam taking tips and techniques that ... [Read More]

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