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Utilizing traditional, live-action, filmmaking techniques along with green screen compositing and CGI students will create high-definition narrative motion pictures. Working on a &,quot,digital backlot&,quot, students will employ HD cameras while actors work in front of a green screen to all for the artificial backgrounds as well as some major foreground elements to be added later during the post-production stage. Students will be expected to collaborate with animation students in the creation of their final projects.


This course is designed to guide the student in the creation of a fully interactive DVD with menus, chapters, multiple tracks, &,quot,Easter eggs,&,quot, and special features. Students will utilize the current editing/motion graphics/compression/titling software in the creation of their professional quality DVD&,#146,s. The class will also explore Blu-Ray and HDDVD formats.

Stage Management

Intro to Stage Management is a required class which takes place during the fall quarter of the stage management students&,#146, first year. The class covers a combination of stage management methods used at The Theatre School and best professional practices for the beginning stage manager. Visits to The Theatre School shops and discussions with shop supervisors introduce the first year stage managers to the needs, requirements, and preferred professional methods as defined by the construction processes of the shops.


This is a course discussing the different roles of the television producer and show runners. Particular emphasis will be put on exploring and discussing the difference between line, segment, coordinating, field, executive (show-runner), and supervising producers. Students wear many television producer hats through the quarter, and will explore those roles in relation to different scripted and non-scripted formats. Examining and performing various tasks like budgets, staffing, and scheduling will give students a comprehensive view of the needs and responsibilities of different produce... [Read More]


Advanced production class focused on the techniques and production methods of a television program. Students will learn three-camera and one-camera directing and on-set and on-location television shooting and lighting workflows. The class will culminate in the pre-production, casting, production, and post of a television pilot script in a collaborative environment.


In this workshop students will produce events with guest artists, presented in front of a live studio audience. Students will help prep each appearance and participate as crew members in the multi-camera production and telecasting of the events. They will learn the professional practices and positions that constitute talk-show format television production. Post-production and finishing for Web Streaming and VOD delivery will also be addressed. 2 credits. May be repeated for credit.

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