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Alternative Operating System Forensics

This course introduces students to common alternative operating systems and associated file systems and applications as a means of conducting a forensic examination and as sources of potential evidence.

Binary Analysis of Microsoft Documents

This course presents, in a practical setting, a series of techniques that allow a step by step deconstruction of Microsoft Office binary documents and the extraction, in a completely verifiable and forensically sound manner, of all of the embedded metadata and of all of the storages and streams.

Forensic Examination of Network Computers

This course develops expertise in the forensic examination of both client and server machines. Using practical hands-on exercises to build and examine a number of types of network relevant forensic artefacts are identified and used to show activity across a network.

Forensic Examination of Internet Use

This module focuses upon forensic artefacts remaining upon a subject machine that has been used on the Internet. Methods and tools for the recovery of such items are discussed as well as binary confirmation of the presence and physical location of those artefacts. The importation of “unusual�software applications, particularly Email applications, is demonstrated and methods of extracting data from such proprietary storage systems are demonstrated and experienced.

Foundations of Forensic Computing

This course provides a comprehensive foundation in the discipline of forensic computing. Students acquire the knowledge, understanding and practical experience that will enable them to find and recover admissible digital evidence from PC based computers and the skills that will permit them competently to present such evidence in a Court of Law.

Textile Design (Bachelor Degree)

Textile Design at DMU encourages your creativity and helps you to find a personal design direction, and you have the opportunity to put those skills into action in live commercial projects and work placements.
Reasons to study the Textile Design BA (Hons) degree at DMU

You will develop a broad range of technical skills across print, mixed media, knit and weave

You will gain entrepreneurial skills through developing branding, promotional packages and Dragons�Den style pitches

Our students have recently won awards at the Bradford Societ... [Read More]

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