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Wellness Coaching

This experiential course introduces the theory and practice of wellness coaching. Students will demonstrate the skills and qualities of a wellness coach as they create alliances with clients who are aiming to achieve high-level wellness and manifest their full potential in life. Key concepts include: core coaching values and beliefs, essential wellness coaching concepts, skills and processes.

Recreation Leadership

The purpose of this course is to provide students with the theoretical foundation for assessing, designing and leading effective groups. Students will learn to observe and interpret group behaviour for the purpose of intervening effectively. Group dynamics theory, leadership skill development, activity analysis and adaptation will be applied in the delivery of expressive and creative arts small group activity.

Therapeutic Recreation (Diploma) (Bachelor Degree)

While a two-year diploma has been the minimum qualification to work in the field of therapeutic recreation, a baccalaureate degree is quickly becoming the requested credential. Increasingly, employers in the health and wellness, social service and recreation sectors are requiring baccalaureate degree preparation. In recognition of this, Douglas College offers both a four-year degree and a two-year diploma in Therapeutic Recreation.

The underlying philosophy of the Therapeutic Recreation Program is the belief that leisure and recreation are essential parts of a healthy lif... [Read More]

Sociology (Associate Degree)

Sociology is the study of social organization in modern society. It studies the profound changes in social life brought on by industrialization: urbanization, the market system, public health and education, technology and popular democracy. Sociology also studies the change of our social institutions and values as a result of industrialization and how this change affects the role of women, family life, ethnic relations, the media, sports and entertainment.

Sociology aims to observe and explain change and continuity in our main social institutions and in their relations to... [Read More]

Sign Language Interpretation (Diploma)

The Department of Sign Language Interpretation prepares people to facilitate communication between hearing and deaf people in a wide variety of community-based settings. Sign Language interpreting requires rapid mental processing and above-average intellect, maturity, emotional stability and the ability to deal with stress, appropriate cross-cultural, social and linguistic skills, and the ability to interpret comfortably in front of large audiences as well as in highly-sensitive, personal settings. Entrance into the program, therefore, requires a person to be mentally, physically, em... [Read More]

Sales (Diploma)

The Post-Degree Diploma (PDD) in Sales is a full or part-time intensive program for students wishing to undertake specialized, concentrated training in sales.

It is designed to provide studies in sales for those who have a background in other fields and wish to set up a business or move into a sales position and require sales skills. It also offers a sales credential to foreign nationals who have a degree and wish to study and/or pursue work experience in Canada. The PDD in Sales also furnishes upgraded sales education, skills and current practices to those who have been... [Read More]

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