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TESL / TEFL (Certificate)

Drexel’s Certification in Teaching English as a Second Language*, approved by the Pennsylvania Department of Education, provides a strong foundation for second language acquisition.

The 18-credit Teaching English as a Second Language certification program is taught by expert faculty who integrate readings, discussion, practicum, and case study experience into each course.

Curriculum covers the theory and practice of second language education, the structure and sound of English, the design and assessment of ESL course materials, as well as broader issues in inte... [Read More]

Promotion and PR in the Media

How media organizations promote themselves, manage their public images, products, and services and do all of this under intense and constant public scrutiny is the focus of the course. It explores the strategies and tactics central to the process of public relations and crisis management in media industries.

Television Production

Television Production. Television production techniques in common use at local television stations are taught including multi-camera (studio) production, single camera (film style) production, and basic editing techniques. Throughout the term, the course also examines production issues from a manager&,#146,s point-of-view.

Media Law

Media Law for TVMN focuses on the regulatory frameworks and radio, television and converging media law. Content includes contracts, releases, negotiations, standards and best practices in HR, intellectual property, and collective bargaining in media industries. The role of in-house and function of external legal counsel is reviewed.

Audience Measurement

Audience Measurement. The course addresses statistical measurement of television audiences. Students learn the basic principles of rating, share, and demographics, and understanding how this information is used in sales, marketing, and strategic planning for television stations, broadcast and cable networks.

Consumer Behavior in Sport

Course will examine consumer behavior in the sport industry and its impact on fan retention and revenues. Students will examine customer services philosophies and techniques used by successful companies and sport organizations to improve the overall experience of consumers. Students will conduct research to measure fan and sponsor experience.

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