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Watermain Design

This course focuses on the practical approach in designing new, based on existing or projected demand, or replacing existing watermain systems. The various rehabilitation techniques will also be discussed. The course covers such topics as pipe size and material selection, watermain appurtenances, trust restrains, servicing requirements, dead-ends (cul-de-sac), effects of corrosion and the need for cathodic protection.

The participants will learn effective base plan preparation using all available information, design considerations when conflicts with existing utilities and... [Read More]

Water Treatment

The course provides relevant information and training in water treatment that will prepare participants to write the Ontario Water Treatment Operator Certification level 1 and 2 Examinations. This course will benefit new and experienced operators by improving their knowledge, understanding and skills in various water treatment technologies.

The course provides a detailed overview of the conventional water treatment process and supporting systems. Other treatment technologies are also discussed. Participants will understand the role and responsibilities of the Treatment Op... [Read More]

Water Distribution Systems

The course covers all technical, operational and administrative aspects related to drinking water distribution systems. It focuses on equipment, operation and maintenance practices, assisting operators to develop a clear understanding of the risks associated with improper distribution operation, and their roles and responsibilities in maintaining proper monitoring and control in order to continuously provide safe drinking water to their communities.

This course would be very useful for anyone preparing to write the MOE Water Distribution Class 1 or Class 2 examination. Th... [Read More]

Wastewater Treatment

Participants will acquire relevant knowledge and a clear understanding of:
The metric system and conversion of units •Will confidently perform calculations to determine perimeter, area and volume of objects
•Calculate capacity of pipes, cylinders and tanks
•Determine ratios and percentages and understand the relevance to the concentration of chemical compounds

Microorganisms and pathogens found in wastewater and the threats they present to humans and the environment
Aerobic, anaerobic and facultative bacteria and their role in wastewater treatment
... [Read More]

Wastewater Collection

Upon completion of this course, participants will acquire relevant knowledge and clear understanding of:
Basic and applied math concepts and know how to perform calculations of perimeter, area and volume of objects
Basic and applied hydraulic concepts and know how to perform calculations related to flow, velocity, pressure and head
Basic electrical principles and know how to conduct yourself safely when performing operation and maintenance activities on electrically powered equipment
Basic science principles and public health issues related to wastewater
The ... [Read More]

Waste to Energy - Plant Optimization

This one day course explores and focuses on the need to optimize the integration of the stages of the waste to energy process.

This will be accomplished by:

Reviewing the stages such as collection and delivery of waste material, the combustion process, the energy transfer process, pollution control equipment needed and proper handling of remaining waste materials produced.

Discussing how the process is completed to ensure how each step is integrated in the overall goal of Waste to Energy.

Discovering who has done Waste to Energy historicall... [Read More]

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