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Video Marketing Strategy

Upon completion of this course, you will have:
•Been immersed in the world of video
•Had the opportunity to ask questions and answer your own issues
•Practical hands on experience of:
◦Creating an online video strategy
◦Creating a video brief
◦Optimising your own content
◦Developing your own creative
•Had fun sharing ideas and experience with others

What will I learn?

The course covers:
•Using YouTube and other online video platforms (OVPs)
•Building an audience
•Creating content targeted at your audie... [Read More]

Web Measurement and Analytics

This web analytics course will give you a working knowledge of the tools, technologies and data sources to improve results from your website through analysing site visitor characteristics and behaviour. You&,#146,ll know how to develop key performance indicators, and how to create a comprehensive measurement framework for your organisation, including processes to ensure reports are analysed and acted upon. Discover how to drive a conversion optimisation programme as well as how to use analytics to drive retention marketing strategies.

The course covers:
•Why are we... [Read More]

Social Media Paid Advertising

Understand the social media platforms and advertising options:
•Explore the range of choices available to advertisers in the major social media platforms: LinkedIn, Twitter, Facebook, YouTube and Instagram
•Consider secondary platforms - Pinterest, Slideshare, Instagram and other alternative platforms
•See some fascinating examples of best practice

A social advertising strategy that works
•Aligning social advertising to your owned and earned social activity
•Aligning social advertising to your offline activity ?taking an integrated aproach
... [Read More]

Social Media Customer Service

This one-day immersion into social media customer service is ideal for anyone looking to improve their digital and online customer experience.

Whether you need to create or refine a social servicing strategy, or simply skill up teams responsible for customer service, this course will enable you to evaluate the business benefits and work through the operational challenges and customer engagement in social media.

We&,#146,ll cover the critical processes for effective social media customer service and run through a short simulated exercise to help attendees expe... [Read More]

Social Media & Online PR Workshop

This one-day course is the UK’s most popular introduction to online PR and social media marketing.

You&,#146,ll be able to plan and implement your ideal strategy using user-generated content, including monitoring positive and negative brand perception through tools such as Facebook and Twitter, and increasing brand engagement.


Attendees will be able to evaluate their current approach to social media, reputation management and online PR. The workshop comprises a mixture of trainer led presentation, practical techniques on laptops as a group ... [Read More]

SEO , PPC and Conversion: International Strategy

Best practice guidelines, future trends backed by research, and real-world examples and applications make this course essential for anyone interested in improving and optimising international digital campaigns.

The topics we cover include:

Getting the basics right
•Identifying international opportunities
•Localisation vs. translation
•Understanding local keyword differences
•Localising ad copy and messaging to target international audiences

Search engines and social platforms
•The global landscape
•Yandex, Naver and Ba... [Read More]

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