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Accounts Payable & Purchasing Process Optimization

After attending this training course, you will be able to effectively
1. Improve process efficiency and productivity within your accounts payable and P2P operations
2. Set, implement and track metrics for you accounts payable and P2P operations
3. Optimize working capital and enhance cash flow management
4. Build a successful business case for automation
5. Know practical tips on when to, what to and how to automate
6. Enhance controls for accounts payable and P2P processes
7. Set up effective checks for fraud prevention
8. Reduce costs within ... [Read More]

EPC Project Contract Management & Administration

This five day course is specifically designed for project personnel working in the EPC projects environment involved in contract management. The course will also benefit those involved in the contracting process such as engineering, procurement, project controls, business development, and construction personnel. It is about the roles and relationships, the contracts and how they are planned, formed, administered, and managed. It offers a unique opportunity to improve your techniques and skills and help you to understand how the effective management and administration of a contr... [Read More]

Pump Performance and Reliability

By attending this training course, you will gain the following:
?Understand how system resistance controls the pump
?Learn how to read and use a pump curve
?Learn how the flow rate impacts pump reliability
?Design better systems and select better pumps, leading to more reliable equipment
?Learn when to use Variable Speed and when to use a Control Valve
?Understand what happens when you operate pumps in parallel or in series
?Understand what cavitation is, why it occurs and how to avoid it
?Avoid operational problems that lead to pump fa... [Read More]

Procurement Fraud Management

This 3-day masterclass has been designed to provide you with a practical and complete guide to detecting, preventing, mitigating &, managing procuring fraud effectively. The comprehensive agenda will cover all the necessary knowledge, principles and lessons learned on how to develop effective fraud risk &, procurement fraud management strategies &, programs within your organization in a complicated market landscape. It will go in-detail on key topic areas including in-depth analysis of various types of fraud and fraud schemes, how to identify potential fraud, how to mitigate... [Read More]

Pavement Rehabilitation, Materials & Maintenance

Equip Global’s 4 day Pavement Rehabilitation, Materials &, Maintenance training is specially customised for African airports Engineering and Maintenance professionals. It will help you deeply understand different pavement materials and their properties. You will have a better understanding of pavement assessment and evaluation, and eventually you will be able to choose the most appropriate pavement materials and mix. You will also garnering practical knowledge if effective pavement maintenance and preservation.

Unlike other events, this training cours... [Read More]

Cost Estimation & Budget Control for Complex Projects

By attending this training course, you will gain the following

? Learn best practice cost estimation and budget control models

? Understanding approaches to estimating the project costs

? Understanding procurement engagement protocols

? Knowledge of business partnering and client relationship management

? Understand the use of market analysis vendor testing

? Learn vendor pre-qualification techniques

? Accurately determine the costs of each individual activity... [Read More]

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