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Social Work (Master Degree)

Erikson’s M.S.W. program is ideal preparation for the social work professional who wishes to improve the lives of children and families.

You will be prepared to advocate for and address the complex needs of diverse populations in a range of practice settings:

•Social service organizations
•Foster care
•Child welfare
•Early intervention

•Mental health
•Early childhood care &, education
•Therapeutic schools

Most M.S.W. curricula leave little room for specialized training ... [Read More]

Child Development (Master Degree)

This program will provide you a deep, interdisciplinary understanding of early childhood development. It is excellent preparation for professional or leadership roles in the full range of disciplines and systems that serve young children and their families.

Our graduates have had notable success in a whole range of fields ?from child care and education to social service and mental health, from policy-making and analysis to health care and even the arts. These are the fundamentals that everyone needs to be effective working with or for children and families.

To ... [Read More]

infant/family specialist (Certificate)

These courses, drawn from the on-campus Irving B. Harris Infant Specialist Certificate Program, provide the knowledge necessary for success in the complex role of the infant/family specialist.

They are designed for professionals who work with children from birth to age three and their families, in fields such as early intervention, education, nursing, social work, occupational therapy, physical therapy, psychology, and speech and language pathology.

These courses are taught by Erikson faculty and offer the same high standards as our face-to-face graduate level... [Read More]

Bilingual / ESL (Certificate)

Bilingual approval

Bilingual approval typically allows an early childhood teacher to instruct young children in their native language and English. Erikson’s certificate program is designed to enable bilingual, certified early childhood teachers to acquire bilingual approval and continue to work or seek employment in a bilingual early childhood education program. As each state has its own requirements for bilingual approval, you should contact the board of education in the state where you plan to teach for its requirements.

English as a second language (ESL) appr... [Read More]

Early Childhood Education with Bilingual/ESL Specialization (Master Degree)

Erikson’s specialization in bilingual/English as a second language (ESL) education responds to the urgent need for more early childhood teachers who can effectively meet the special needs of new language learners in a culturally, linguistically, and developmentally appropriate manner.

Bilingual/ESL endorsement

For teachers with a valid Illinois Type 03 or Type 04 certificate, the program will also fulfill the Illinois State Board of Education requirements for adding the bilingual and/or ESL endorsement.

Bilingual approval typically allows an early chi... [Read More]

Early Childhood Education (Master Degree)

Designed especially for early childhood educators with at least three years of post-baccalaureate experience, Erikson’s online master of science degree in early childhood education helps you do what you love to do, and do it better.

Reach your potential as an educator without having to put your life inside the classroom on hold. This 28-month program gives you a deeper understanding of how children grow and learn and of the role their families, communities, and culture play in their development and success.

It’s a structured cohort program, so you’ll have peers ... [Read More]

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