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Toronto, Ontario, Canada

Workforce Diversity
A Division of
Patricia DeMers &, Associates Inc.
Workforce Diversity
This program focuses on the key elements of a successful diverse workforce. Participants examine the
importance of differences, loyalties, values, along with personal responsibilities and commitments to ensure a
positive work environment. Participants will learn how to communicate effectively with all team members
creating a synergistic workplace. This program is suitable for all employee groups and levels in the workplace,
and can be customized fo... [Read More]

Time Management Workshop

This program will help you determine your own time style and make it work for you. You will also learn
techniques involved in self-management that will assist you in getting more done in less time.
Program Content:
?How are You Spending Your Time?
What is Your Time Style?
?Identifying Your Time Style
?Your Style Strengths and Weaknesses
?Daily Cash for Life
?How Well do You Plan?
?Putting a Jump-Start into Your Day
Time Wasters
?Too Many Gadgets
Getting OrganizedRead More]

Stress Management Workshop

The program focuses on effective and healthy ways to deal with daily stress. This program takes a look at
stress creating lifestyles and provides the tools and knowledge to deal with them.
Program Content:
What is Stress?
?Facing the Fact of Stress
?The Stages of Stress
?The Signals
?Responses to Stress
Handling Stress in the Workplace
?Clarifying Roles and Expectations
?Setting Priorities to Get Your Workload under Control
?Dealing with People Pressure
?Dealing with Change
?Maintaining a Positive Attitude
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Moving Quickly Through Change

This program provides participants with skills and knowledge for adapting to an environment of change. It will equip them with communication strategies for embracing organizational change initiatives and enable them to examine the phases of change, how to handle the emotional side of change and how to work through the change process to achieve desired results.
Program Content:
Change is Constant What Is Change? Causes of Change Responses to Change Reasons Individuals Resist or Accept Change Do’s and Don’ts Associated with Change
Change Versus Transiti... [Read More]

Motivating Yourself

This program gives participants the proper tools to assist them in motivating themselves. They will learn how to motivate and focus themselves to achieve personal and professional goals by discovering how your productive thoughts can work for you.
Program Content:
Introduction What is Motivation? Objectives
Unlocking Your Passion Clear Your Expectations of What Passion Should Be Choosing Passion ?It Doesn’t Choose You! Determining What Your True Goals Are Living up to Your Potential
Motivating Yourself to Achieve Commitment and Persistence Six Steps to Making Goa... [Read More]

Maintaining a Positive Attitude Workshop

This program is designed to help you concentrate on the positive and value what is really important. It will help
you understand your own attitude and help you to maintain a positive one.
Program Content:
?What is Attitude
How to Understand Your Attitude
?Understanding Your Attitude
?The Past is History
?Three Types of People, Three Types of Attitudes
How are Attitudes Communicated
?What Do Attitudes Sound Like?
?What Do Attitudes Look Like?
?What Can You Expect from Your Attitude?
... [Read More]

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