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Understanding Specifications in Construction

This seminar will provide you with an introduction to the principles of construction specifications and knowledge of the role of specifications and related documents used in construction projects. This course is specifically intended for construction product representatives, contractors, cost consultants, architects, engineers, and owners. This course will identify the skills you require to aid in the reading, writing, and interpretation of specifications. You will be made aware of the impact of associated responsibilities arising from bidding procedures, the role of contract conditi... [Read More]

Blueprint Reading

This interactive seminar will cover the fundamentals of understanding and interpreting construction drawings and other related material. The seminar will deal with applying the basic knowledge that is required to interpret and extrapolate information from plans, elevations, sections, details and construction specifications.

Negotiating Skills for the Construction Administrator

The importance of the human dimension within the construction industry is the focus. Topics may include: application of the situational leadership model, the administrator role, conflict resolution, and effective stratigies for dealing with issues such as insubordination and absenteeism.

Contract Law and Construction Documents

Examine the principles of contract law as they relate to the construction industry. In particular, the course will deal with the creation and interpretation of contracts and the remedies available for breaches of contracts. There will be considerable emphasis on the rights and responsibilities of owners, contractors, and consultants in the bidding process. You will acquire knowledge and skills to administer projects with reduced legal difficulty and to resolve disputes in a timely and cost-effective manner.

Construction Planning and Scheduling

Through examining practical construction considerations, this course emphasizes critical path planning and scheduling methods. Topics will include network diagrams, time/resource/cost interrelationships, selection of crew, method and equipment, schedule monitoring, group planning techniques and monitoring, updating, and progress reporting.

Construction Costing Workshop

In this course you will learn the fundamentals of estimating construction projects costs from concept to completion, including types of cost estimates, the tendering process, costing site overheads, and final assembly of tender. The roles of estimators and industrial cost engineers will be explored as well as value engineering and cost control processes and techniques. Cost risks inherent to Alberta conditions will also be discussed.

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