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Irvine, Los Angeles, San Diego, San Francisco, California, United States

Entrepreneurship for Visual Presentation

Students understand the financial data essential to making informed business decisions. Basic financial statements and their interpretation, cost analysis, and relationship to the visual communications industry are included.

Fashion Styling & Coordination

A course which explores job options and the process for both finding work and preparing for a shoot or event. Students survey the work of important contemporary designers, photographers, and stylists. The class culminates in a themed fashion shoot.

Entertainment & Fashion PR

Students design campaigns and plan strategies, incorporating the use of social media, to create and maintain favorable public images for individuals, businesses, and organizations engaged in entertainment, fashion, and music. Through press releases, seeding, product placement, and relationship building, students develop media, publicity, and public relations skills essential to the industry.

Lifestyle Presentation

This is an advanced course where students discover innovative and environmentally sensitive ways to solve home product retailing, design, and merchandising challenges.

Event Marketing

An introduction to event planning and marketing, and the strategies and skills used to ensure a successful event. Students explore the challenges and opportunities offered in this field, including leadership strengths and skills, research and strategy in planning, operations analysis, execution, and evaluation. This course examines how special events are produced to generate sales, gain favorable media attention, convey a specific message, or secure the image and reputation of a company, organization, product, or program.

Design for Social Media Branding

Using design principles and technology, students develop brand campaigns for online and social media formats. Existing brands are evaluated to determine effectiveness of brand messages, research will provide critical analysis for creating new brand campaigns in specific markets.

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