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Financial Planning Academy About the school

Mumbai, Maharashtra, India

CFP (Certificate)

Module 1
Introduction to Financial Planning

Module 2
Risk Analysis and Insurance Planning

Module 3
Retirement Planning &, Employee Benefits

Module 4
Investment Planning

Module 5
Tax Planning &, Estate Planning

Module 6
Advance Financial Planning

Certified Financial Planner (CFP) Workshop (Bachelor Degree)

We initiate an entirely new platform for disseminating Financial Planning Education to the aspiring individuals who are keen to make a career in Financial Advisory Services, the most prestigious qualification for professionals in financial services globally.

NCFM with Practical Stock Market Studies (Associate Degree)

Financial Planning Academy -Opp Thane (w) station offers you short term courses which will help you get jobs in Stock Broking companies or start your own business as sub brokers or be self employed as an Arbitrageur. We also help you caler NCFM exams. Job openings in thousands of stock broking offices in Mumbai. Address- Purnima Bldg, Gr Flr, Near Girnar Tea Shop, Opp Thane Station-West. Tel 9821033616

Certified Financial Planner (CFP) Workshop

Financial Planning Academy is the authorized educational provider for the Certified financial Planner program (CFP) for disseminating education in the discipline of Financial Services. We create professionals who offer Financial Solutions of International Standards. Its is rated as the Global Standard and is the Top Ranked profession in Financial Services which is recognized globally in 22 countries.


This module materializes the concepts learnt from the previous modules into a comprehensive financial plan constructed for individuals. It thoroughly explains the following aspects related to the construction of a financial plan:
Establishing client- planner relationships
Analyze Client Objectives, Needs and Financial Situation
Developing and presenting the financial plan
Implementing the financial plan
Monitoring the financial plan


This module broadly covers the knowledge required by a CFP professional to advise their clients on the various tax laws and tax planning tools, namely:
Income-tax computation for Individuals, Companies, Trusts and other bodies.
Capital Gains and Indexation
House Property
Deductions and Allowances
Non Resident Indian tax laws
Tax Management Techniques

Estate planning, the second section to this module, is also vital to any financial plan. It mainly covers:

Indian Succession Act
Power of Attorney
Joint ownership of pro... [Read More]

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