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Warning Signals and Lessons Learned in Corporate Credit Workshop

The purpose of this two-day workshop is to refine the analytic skills needed to appropriately identify and assess credit deterioration. It will also help participants to determine a company&,#146,s ability to improve performance or repair the existing capital structure. This workshop will draw upon lessons learned from the credit crisis to determine sustainable level of indebtedness, the robustness of deal structures, and what actions can be taken to limit loss to the bank. Current trends in the marketplace will be examined in order to highlight any potential risk trends.
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Understanding Securitization and ABS Workshop

Participants will be equipped to:
•Use a structured approach to understand ABS (using credit card ABS as the illustration asset class): basic transaction structures, roles of the parties, and originator motivations
•Recognize the main risks pertaining to the collateral, originator and servicer
•Appreciate how asset characteristics and desired ratings impact credit enhancement levels
•Identify key risks and understand how they are allocated within ABS structures
•Understand the impact of recent government initiatives and regulatory changes on the ABS market.Read More]

Understanding Money Markets

This one-day course is an engaging introduction to the basics of wholesale money markets. It covers cash markets, derivative instruments and the close relationship between the money market and the central bank. Participants will leave understanding the role money markets perform, how the different money market instruments work and how the all-important reference rates, such as libor and Euribor, are calculated.

Understanding Insurance Financial Statements Workshop

The overall goal of this two-day workshop is for participants to understand the key components of an insurance company&,#146,s financial statements to appreciate how these might vary according to the accounting standard used, and to learn to use a few key ratios to analyse financial strength. The course is designed to provide a basic technical background to the insurance industry as a precursor to attending our Insurance Company Analysis workshop.

Specifically, in this introductory course, participants will be equipped to:
•Distinguish the risks inherent in the mai... [Read More]

Understanding Fixed Income

By the end of this course, participants will be able to:
•Describe the government and corporate bond markets, including issuance
•Identify the major players in the fixed income market
•Compare the similarities and differences between types of fixed income instruments
•Identify the role played by credit rating agencies
•Discuss the concept of time value of money and its application to bond pricing
•Compute the price of fixed income securities using the concepts of discounted cash flow techniques
•Examine the measures of sensitivity and interest rate... [Read More]

Understanding Exchange Traded Funds Workshop

In this one day workshop, delegates will learn the brief history, dynamic future, and specialized uses of one of the newest and most actively traded financial instruments around Exchange Traded Funds (ETFs).

The program will look at the ETF market and the involvement and execution of these instruments from both an investor and operational back perspective.

The course looks at current developments and in particular the emergence of Smart Beta based ETFs. The course explores what Smart Beta is and is it really smart?

By the end of this course, delegates... [Read More]

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