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Ophthalmic Medical Assistant (Certificate)

Learn more about a fascinating, rewarding and growing profession. Assist in the effort to prevent, detect, diagnose and manage conditions that can interfere with one of our most precious senses: sight. Ophthalmic assistants are responsible for initiating patient exams, measuring and recording vital status and performing diagnostic procedures. They are valuable members of an eye care team!


Ophthalmic Medical Assistant (QJ)
Certified Ophthalmic Assistant Review

Polysomnographic Technician (Certificate)

The course combines theory and , laboratory, experience to provide instruction in all aspects of performing a quality sleep study.

Greenville Technical College is proud to announce the partnership with SleepWorks, LLC in providing this training. The eighty hours of didactics are presented through online learning and classroom lectures and laboratory instruction and practicum. The class will meet for Orientation and then complete several online modules before attending the in person classroom lecture.

Theory Objectives:
* Discuss the anatomy and physiolog... [Read More]

Phlebotomy (Certificate)

Become a vital member of the healthcare team. You will be trained to collect blood samples which enable physicians to diagnose and treat illnesses. Course fee includes lecture, lab practice and 120 clinical hours. Successful completion of this course provides eligibility for the National Certification Exam.

LPN Refresher (Certificate)

There is a three (3) day mandatory orientation starting Monday, January 30, 2017 at 10:00am thru Wednesday, February 1, 2017. Day two and three of orientation will be your lab skills assessment. You will need to dress for appropriately. Attendance is mandatory. There will be no exceptions.

A student packet will be mailed 2 -3 weeks prior to Orientation with forms to be reviewed and completed before Orientation.

1. Didactic: In a self-paced online study in conjunction with reading the textbooks, the nurse will prove competence and renewed self-confidence throug... [Read More]

RN Refresher (Certificate)

The Nurse Refresher Program is for nurses who have successfully passed the NCLEX examination and have, at some time, been licensed in one of the fifty states. It consists of a Theory Course-Medical-Surgical Nursing Review which includes an in-person skill lab at Greenville Technical College and a Clinical Practicum in your home area.

The Nurse Refresher Program focuses on the fundamentals of adult nursing care. Depending on your needs, you may take both parts of the program or you may choose to take only the Theory Course. The theory portion is the RN Update Course.
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Legal & Ethical Training for Nurses Workshop (Certificate)

This course is intended to assist the nurse in understanding the importance of accurate and complete documentation. This workshop explores standards of care, areas of risk and liability, documentation, methods to decrease risk and errors, principles of delegation, principles of negligence and abandonment, restraints, the Patient Self-Determination Act, and the proceedings of a law suit. The course lectures are presented in written form as well as video.

This course also requires the nurse to research the state&,#146,s Nurse Practice Act, as well as the American Nurse&a... [Read More]

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