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Mobile Application Development with IBM Worklight Foundation V6.2

Course introduction
Introduction to IBM Worklight Foundation V6.2
Overview of Worklight Studio
Exercise: Installing IBM Worklight Studio and developing an application
Developing and testing the user interface
IBM Worklight client-side development: Core APIs
Exercise: Client-side core APIs
IBM Worklight client-side development: Local storage APIs
Exercise: Exploring local storage APIs
Working with UI frameworks
Apache Cordova
Exercise: Using Apache Cordova to access native device functions
Integration adapters
Exercise: ... [Read More]

Location Services with IBM Worklight Foundation V6.2

This course teaches you how to create and test an IBM Worklight geolocation application by using the Eclipse IDE and Android SDK.

In this course, you learn about the location service capabilities of IBM Worklight and how to use Worklight Studio to create and manage mobile location service applications. The course covers topics that include runtime architecture for location services, location service APIs, creating a Worklight project for location services, and testing location services in the Mobile Browser Simulator.

The lab environment for this course uses the... [Read More]

Java SE 6 Programming

In this course, students learn how to develop applications using the Java Platform, Standard Edition (Java SE) 6 programming language.

This course introduces students to the Java language and programming techniques using lectures, demonstrations, and extensive labs. It covers object-oriented programming, Java syntax, and important Java classes and interfaces such as collections, exceptions, threads, I/O, and other utility classes.

Hands-on lab exercises throughout the course allow students to gain hands-on experience with Java programming, covering skills such a... [Read More]

IBM WebSphere Lombardi Edition V7.1/7.2 Administration

This 3-day instructor-led course teaches the product skills required to install, configure, and manage a WebSphere Lombardi Edition environment.

In this course, you will learn about the architecture, installation, configuration, and management of WebSphere Lombardi Edition. You will examine the architecture of WebSphere Lombardi Edition to provide contextual information for the rest of the course, and then install and configure the product. After learning about configuration, you will define and manage user authentication and authorization, and learn how to install and dep... [Read More]

IBM WebSphere Application Server V8 Problem Determination

This course teaches you how to manage WebSphere Application Server problems more skillfully within your organization by using problem determination tools and techniques.

Throughout the course, you discuss common scenarios that you might face in your daily activities with other students and the instructor. You also learn methodologies and techniques for problem determination, including how to use online IBM support tools to resolve problems. In addition, you learn how to communicate more effectively with IBM support teams so they can identify a problem and find its solution... [Read More]

IBM PureApplication System V1.1 Backup and Recovery

This course provides a detailed description of IBM PureApplication System backup and recovery procedures.

System administrators should maintain current system backups. Even though the PureApplication System backup feature captures the system’s configuration, you should create procedures to restore data components at a more granular level. This course explains the procedures to back up and restore system, cloud, workload, and application data.

Course Content
Course introduction
PureApplication System data
PureApplication System backup
Recover... [Read More]

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