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Text Analytics and Sentiment Mining Using SAS

Big data is unstructured, and a high volume of it is coming at you quickly. In fact, the majority of big data is unstructured and text oriented, thanks to the proliferation of online sources such as blogs, emails, and social media. While the amount of textual data are increasing rapidly, businesses&,#146, ability to summarize and make sense of such data for making better business decisions remain challenging. No marketing or customer intelligence program can be effective today without thoroughly understanding how to analyze textual data. In this course that emphasizes practical sk... [Read More]

Strategies and Concepts for Data Scientists and Business Analysts

To be effective in a competitive business environment, analytics professionals need to use descriptive, predictive, and prescriptive analytics to translate information into decisions. An effective analyst also should be able to identify the analytical tools and data structures to anticipate market trends.

In this course, you will gain the skills that data scientists and statistical business analysts must have to succeed in today&,#146,s data-driven economy. Learn about visualizing big data, how predictive modeling can help you find hidden nuggets, the importance of expe... [Read More]

SAS Visual Statistics: Interactive Model Building

In this course, you will learn about SAS Visual Statistics for building predictive models in an interactive, exploratory way. Exploratory model fitting is a critical step in modeling big data.

Who Needs To Attend

Predictive modelers
Business analysts
Data scientists who want to take advantage of SAS Visual Statistics for highly interactive, rapid model fitting

SAS Visual Analytics

In this course, you will learn how to explore data and build reports using SAS Visual Analytics. You will also learn how to build queries in SAS Visual Data Builder as well as the basics of SAS Visual Analytics Administrator.

Who Needs To Attend

Business analysts who need to learn how to use the functionality provided by SAS Visual Analytics

SAS Enterprise Miner High-Performance Data Mining Nodes

In this course, you will learn about the similarities and differences between the High-Performance nodes in SAS Enterprise Miner 13.1 and the classical nodes. A software demonstration is included.

Introduction to SAS and Hadoop

In this course, you will learn how to use SAS programming methods to read, write, and manipulate Hadoop data. You will learn about Base SAS methods, including reading and writing raw data with the DATA step as well as managing the Hadoop file system and executing Map-Reduce and Pig code from SAS via the HADOOP procedure. In addition, the SAS/ACCESS Interface to Hadoop methods that allow LIBNAME access and SQL pass-through techniques to read and write Hadoop HIVE or Cloudera Impala tables structures is covered. You will receive a brief overview of additional SAS and Hadoop technologie... [Read More]

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