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Web Application Development

This is an upper-level integrative
course. In this course, students combine the pillars of programming, web
development, and database to create applications to deliver dynamic
content and application services on the web.

Collaboration and Content Services

Students explore the features and business
use cases of collaboration solutions such as shared virtual workspaces,
collaboration technologies and content management systems. One or more
specific server solutions are explored.

Web Design

In this course, students write code with hypertext markup
language (XHTML). Students use a text editor and begin with HTML to present
and format text, graphics, images, hyperlinks and form elements on a web
page. Cascading style sheets (CSS) and HTML5 are also covered. Additionally,
students learn to validate their markup for correctness and accessibility
against the standards and guidelines of the W3C consortium. Students
explore and assess websites of corporations, educational institutions and
other organizations and write new web pages using exis... [Read More]

Java Programming

This course covers object-oriented
programming with the Java programming language. Students write,
test, and debug Java applications, understand Java object-oriented
programming, learn to use various Java Application Programming Interfaces
(APIs) and participate in extensive hands-on laboratory assignments. The
course includes a review of fundamentals and coverage of intermediate
level techniques. Key topics include the Java Development Kit (JDK), classes,
objects, encapsulation, interfaces, inheritance, polymorphism, abstract
classes, packages... [Read More]

Software Quality Assurance and Testing

This course addresses software quality, how
to assure it and verify it, and the need for a culture of quality. Topics include
avoidance of errors and other quality problems, inspections and reviews,
testing, verification and validation techniques, process assurance vs. product
assurance, quality process standards, product and process assurance,
problem analysis and reporting, and statistical approaches to quality control.

Software Engineering for Mobile Devices

This course introduces students to the process
of developing software based solutions to complex problems using mobile
devices. Students learn about the limitations imposed by these devices&,#146,
processing powers and learn to operate within those constraints. Software
engineering life cycle processes are covered and object-oriented design and
implementation concepts are discussed. Equally important, this course is a
practice in software engineering as students team up to work on problem
formulation, requirements engineering, architecting, desig... [Read More]

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