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Women on Boards

The program curriculum centers on four primary areas:

Understanding how boards work
•Legal and regulatory environments affecting boards
•Roles and responsibilities of board members
•Formal and informal board dynamics
•What the next generation of board members needs to know
•The &,quot,gender&,quot, lens—how women are perceived in the boardroom
•Working with and evaluating the CEO

Developing the board-critical skills
•Reading between the lines of financial statements
•Leading through risk
•Making strategic, timel... [Read More]

Value Measurement for Health Care

This program focuses on the role of value measurement as part of a strategic agenda to transform quality and cost in health care. Other aspects of this agenda include organizing into integrated practice units around patient medical conditions, moving to value-based bundled prices for care cycles, and integrating care delivery across facilities.

You will explore the strategic and organizational challenges in implementing a value measurement system, including:
•Organizing and staffing a project for measurement of costs and outcomes
•Defining the medical condition a... [Read More]

Building and Sustaining Competitive Advantage

The program curriculum is organized around six topics:

Competitive Positioning
•Identifying sources of competitive advantage
•Choosing between potential sources of advantage
•Aligning resources, activities, and organizational goals

Competitor Analyses
•Analyzing competitor goals, assumptions, capabilities, and strategies
•Predicting the likely behavior of competitors

Strategic Agility
•Developing agility in the face of strategic uncertainty
•Exploring the flexible commitment of competitively superior resources
<... [Read More]

Strategy for Health Care Delivery

The program will include intensive Harvard Business School–style case discussions, guest protagonists, and concept presentations to discuss value-based health care concepts and their application. Strategy for Health Care Delivery is built around in-depth case studies of leading organizations that are implementing value-based approaches in a variety of medical conditions, including the University of Texas MD Anderson Cancer Center, Commonwealth Care Alliance, University of California, Los Angeles,, the Cleveland Clinic, and other leading organizations. Participants will explore the or... [Read More]

Strategic Perspectives in Nonprofit Management Workshop

Peer Consultation Sessions: Applying Strategic Concepts to Your Organization

Breaking into small groups, you and your SPNM peers work together on challenges that each of you has identified and described as critical to the success of your respective organizations. During the workshop, you begin to formulate a plan to address your specific issue upon returning to work.

Leading Change: Moving from Strategy to Implementation

As an experienced leader, you are aware of the organizational challenges associated with translating strategic plans into practice. ... [Read More]

Strategic Negotiations

Strategic Negotiations is much more than a set of techniques for gaining control at the bargaining table. In a rich learning experience that includes faculty lectures, case studies, group discussions, and hands-on practice, you will master concepts and tools that will help you achieve goals, foster growth and understanding, and promote resolution among parties whose interests and perceptions are in conflict.

Negotiating in Three Dimensions

Effective negotiations create long-term, sustainable value for both parties. The surest way to achieve that value is with an... [Read More]

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