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Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada

Peak Interpersonal Performance

Working effectively with other people is essential to success. But of course, you already know that. As leaders within your organization you have years of experience of collaborating with others. In fact, you’ve got a lifetime of experience.

So why bother training in something you already know?

Because as good as you may be at relating to all kinds of people ?there is always room to improve. Just as importantly, there are valuable tools and techniques you can learn and apply to get even better results than you are achieving today.

Awareness, Communic... [Read More]

New Code NLP 4 Kids & Parents

?How to shift internal emotional and physical states from unresourceful to resourceful quickly and in a fun way!

?Rapport-building skills so kids and you can listen in a more loving way, and so you both really hear one another

?The importance of multiple perceptual positions (individual, others, coach) for building compassion and reducing conflict

?Calibration: the ability to “read between-the-lines?and engage effectively at the process level (focus on the HOW to communicate more effectively ?NOT the story)

?NLP New Code games takes ... [Read More]

Holistic Self-Coaching Workshop

When you attend this workshop you will learn practical tools to get congruent, where what you are thinking and wanting matches the actions you take.

You will learn a unique meditation technique to connect your intuitive inner guide, your logical mind and your physical body together, to work in harmony. You will increase your ability to manifest what you want in life by increasing your self-awareness and developing a supportive partnership with your infinitely resourceful unconscious self. Discover creative solutions to breakthrough anything holding you back so you can gene... [Read More]

NLP Practitioner (Certificate)

This course will provide you with the core principles and practices of Classic Code NLP (early 1970s Santa Cruz, CA) designed to increase choice and motivate you to produce the results you desire.

You will learn experientially the powerful New Code NLP formats for rapid change. New Code NLP is designed for self-application so you can coach yourself and with practice apply your NLP skills working with others.

This exciting NLP Practitioner certification course includes the following:
1.What is Neuro-Linguistic Programming? ?The ‘epistemology?of how we ope... [Read More]

NLP Cafe-The Art of Self Coaching

Maybe you really do enjoy speaking. Or in fact you love speaking ?and yet you hate how you feel before you speak?

Whether you speak professionally, in your job or in the comfort of your home…you are a speaking for an intention to communicate a message. The more connected you are with your mind, heart and body in harmony the more authentic you are and the more people will listen.

Every time you open your mouth to speak, whether it’s to share a story, inspire others, debate an issue or give direction you want people to listen. You want to be heard and seen and yo... [Read More]

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