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Magazine Editing

A course in which students learn through the production of an online and/or print magazine. Students will have hands-on experience reading, analyzing and selecting among writing and art submissions, developing layout and design, preparing the document for publication, marketing the magazine and other aspects of literary publication. May be repeated once for credit.

Creative Writing

An introductory course in writing as an art. Students will learn and practice writing in several creative genres and learn strategies for creation and crafting.

Intensive English

This is a course for international students who score between 400 and 499 on the Test of English as a Foreign Language (TOEFL) and who have been admitted to the University conditionally. Beginning with the fluency model or whole-language-acquisition approach and routinely using computers, students rapidly proceed to grammatical refinement, English listening, speaking, and note-taking skills, reading comprehension, and vocabulary building. Thus they strengthen their foundation for University-level academic studies.

Marriage and the Family

This course examines relationships within traditional and non-traditional marriages. Families are analyzed cross-culturally according to their form, structure, and life-cycle. Family violence will be examined. It is a support course for the Criminal Justice Program.

Sociology (Bachelor Degree)

Provide broad knowledge and understanding of the organization, institutions, culture, and processes of society.
The curriculum in the field of Sociology is designed to:
1. Make clear the interrelatedness of Sociology and other social disciplines.
2. Provide the viewpoints and tools essential for significant, systematic study and interpretation of social problems.
3. Prepare students for advanced study in graduate and professional institutions and for work.
4. Incorporate technology into the discipline.
5. Help students master the nine core competencies.

Social Psychology

This course surveys theories about the factors that shape individuals�feelings, behaviors, and thoughts in social situations and the use of the scientific method in understanding these factors. A wide range of social, cognitive, environmental, cultural, and biological conditions that shapes the social behavior and thought of individuals is covered.

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