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This course provides an introduction to Computer-Aided Design and an associated finite element analysis technique. A series of exercises and instruction in Pro/ENGINEER will be completed. The operation of Mecanica (the associated FEM package) will also be introduced. Previous experience with CAD and FEA will definitely speed learning, but is not essential.

Reliability Engineering

This course covers the role of reliability in robust product design. It dwells upon typical failure mode investigation and develops strategies to design them out of the product. Topics addressed include reliability concepts, systems reliability, modeling techniques, and system availability predications. Case studies are presented to illustrate the cost-benefits due to pro-active reliability input to systems design, manufacturing and testing.

Introduction to Finite Element Analysis

This course provides a comprehensive overview of the theory and practice of the finite element method by combining lectures with selected laboratory experiences . Lectures cover the fundamentals of linear finite element analysis, with special emphasis on problems in solid mechanics and heat transfer. Topics include the direct stiffness method, the Galerkin method, isoperimetric finite elements, equation solvers, bandwidth of linear algebraic equations and other computational issues. Lab sessions provide experience in solving practical engineering problems using commercial finite elem... [Read More]

Computer-Integrated Manufacturing Systems

Advanced topics in Computer-Integrated Manufacturing, including control systems, group technology, cellular manufacturing, flexible manufacturing systems, automated inspection, lean production, Just-In-Time production, and agile manufacturing systems.

Nanoscale Imaging and Manipulation

Includes an overview of scanning probe microscopy and of AFM imaging: mathematical morphology, imaging simulation and surface recognition, and high-speed AFM imaging. Also covers nanoscale physics, including probing nanoscale forces, van der Waals force, electrostatic force, and capillary force. Nanomanipulation topics such as mechanical scratching and pushing electrophoresis, and augmented reality. Manipulation automation and manipulation planning. Applications of selected topics covered.

Introduction to Navigation Systems

Fundamental concepts of positioning and dead reckoning. Principles of modern satellite-based navigation systems, including GPS, GLONASS, and Galileo. Differential GPS (DGPS) and augmentation systems. Carrier phase positioning and cycle ambiguity resolution algorithms. Autonomous integrity monitoring. Introduction to optimal estimation, Kalman filters, and covariance analysis. Inertial sensors and integrated navigation systems.

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