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General Thermography

This two-day course is designed for those who wish to effectively use their camera to detect, analyze, and report anomalies when the immediate need for certification is not a necessity. The course lays the foundation for an ASNT educational compliant Level I thermography certification should the candidate require it at a future time. Certification can be achieved via online basic theory training and a two-day instructor-led classroom course.

Attendees completing all training course requirements will receive a certificate of completion and are created with 16 class hours to... [Read More]

Thermography Fundamentals (Certificate)

Thermography Fundamentals is a two day introductory class focusing on the fundamentals of condition monitoring/predictive maintenance for the new thermographer. Attendees completing all training course requirements will receive a certificate of completion and are credited with 16 class hours towards their Level I certification. (Certification requires 32 hours of class time).

Infrared Course Benefits
?Introduction to thermal imaging and measurement systems for predictive maintenance applications. No experience in thermography is necessary!
?Collect quality data... [Read More]

IR Roofing Inspection

The Infrared Roof Inspection training course is tailored to infrared camera users or practicing thermographers who desire focused training on roof moisture detection and roof inspection surveys for low slope and built up roofs. This two-day infrared training course discusses roofing types, typical problems, and how to perform IR inspections to detect roof moisture. The course includes details on the thermal imaging equipment needed, procedures, and safety issues. It also covers limitations based on roof construction, insulation type and weather conditions. How to prepare infrared roo... [Read More]

IR Home Inspection

The infrared home inspection training course is designed to instruct the professional home inspector in the practice of thermography. The course provides basic thermography training including: infrared camera operation, infrared fundamentals, thermal science and heat transfer. This two day course provides thermography examples of structural, mechanical, plumbing, electrical construction defects and other infrared applications specific to the home inspection profession. Attendees learn how to create professional infrared reports by image interpretation and the use of correct terminolo... [Read More]

Level I FLIR GF309 Furnace Inspection (Certificate)

The Level I FLIR GF309 Furnace Inspection training course is a four day class geared to the FLIR GF309 (or equivalent) furnace camera user and focuses on its use for a variety of industrial furnace applications. This course addresses GF309 setup and operation, Level I heat transfer and physics, furnace applications and measurements, as well as inspection methods and analysis methods using FLIR Tools+. It is highly recommended that each student bring a laptop with FLIR Tools+ pre-installed or arrange for rental as image analysis is a significant portion of this course.

Each... [Read More]

Advanced Radiometry

The Advanced Radiometry training course is for researchers and test range personnel who measure or want to measure the radiance and signatures of objects or scenes using calibrated infrared cameras.

This course covers radiometry theory and a detailed explanation of the functionality of FLIR ExaminIR radiometric software. Course participants will discover how to properly set up the camera system for optimal image presentation and data collection, calibrate the camera data for radiometric and temperature measurement, compensate for varying atmospheric conditions, and more.Read More]

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