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ColdFusion 8

ColdFusion 8 is the wildly popular server-side language that allows non-programmers to quickly produce data-driven websites. Since the content is stored in a database, the pages are created dynamically. In addition to learning basic Coldfusion techniques, you will learn basic database concepts using Microsoft Access, including how to create Data Source Names (DSN), SQL statements and relational database basics.

We will use real-life examples to show you how to query the database using the cfquery tag and display your resulting records using cfoutput, cftable, cfselect an... [Read More]

Advanced ColdFusion: XML, File System and Web Services

This advanced ColdFusion 9 training class focuses on making the best use of several external data types including XML, Web Services, and more. You will also learn how to work with the file system to read, write, append and even upload files.

Manipulate the File System with
Working with
Read and Write Text Files with
Built-in Function: ExpandPath()
Reading Files with the tag
Built-in Function: FileExists()
Upload Documents with
Using the tag for an Upload
After a Upload: FILE Variables
Deeper Examination: H... [Read More]

Adobe ColdFusion 8 - Basic

Lesson 1: Adding Dynamic Elements to a Page
Determine Appropriate Dynamic Elements
Add a Dynamic Text Display
Work with Images
Create a Banner

Lesson 2: Building Dynamic Site Navigation
Design a Page Layout
Create a Dynamic Site Structure
Pass Data to Another Web Page Through a Link
Create the Default Page
Retrieve Information Passed to a Web Page Through a Link

Lesson 3: Building Forms
Create a ColdFusion Form
Add Client Side Validation to a Form
Create a ColdFusion Page to Collect Resul... [Read More]

Introduction to Adobe After Effects

After Effects is the standard in the TV and film industries for motion graphics and compositions. To see After Effects in action all you have to do is watch TV or go to the movies. AE is used in practically every major production. This class is aimed at videographers, graphic artists and animators with very little or no experience using Adobe After Effects. Get into motion graphics - come learn what After Effects can do!

Understanding Motion Graphics
RGB color model
Frame size
Pixel Aspect Ratio
Alpha Channels
Frame Rate
... [Read More]

Intermediate Adobe After Effects

Understanding Parenting
Simple Pickwhipping
Parenting to a null
Using Parenting for positioning
Using Parenting in Special Effects

Compound Effects
Understanding Compound Effects
Gradient Wipe
Displacement Map
Creating Water

Introduction to Expressions
Simple Pickwhipping
Using expressions to animate to the rhythm of music
Adjusting the expression direction
Adjusting the expression parameters
Adjusting the rate of change
Adjusting the final value... [Read More]

Advanced Adobe After Effects

Understanding Particles
Particle Playground
Particle World
Radio Waves
Using Particles for compound control layers

Understanding 3D in After Effects
Adding Lights
Animating lights
Working with Shadows
Working with a Null Object
Working with Text in 3D
Nesting a 3D Composition
Creating a composite in 3D
Adding a camera
Animating the camera
Auto Orient

Photoshop and After Effects
Using Vanishing Point
Using 3D objects
Editing stills for ... [Read More]

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