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Excel 2013

From 2003 to 2010, we have seen Excel gain a ribbon and quick access toolbar and offer the backstage view. Now, Excel 2013 is getting the new Metro style, and we are planning for Excel 2013 Training.

Excel 2013 is sure to have many new time-saving features including a touch on or off option for tablet users. We have already begun planning for the new Excel 2013 Training course and will be providing more information as the release approaches.

While we are pulling resources together, you need to be thinking about how you are going to prepare for Excel 2013. Excel 2013 T... [Read More]

Word 2013

The New Word is in the works, and we are preparing for Word 2013 Training. Changes include the Metro style and features such as a new comment box that enables conversations among multiple contributors to be tracked.

As you begin planning to purchase Word 2013 when it is released, be sure you have a roll out plan to train your staff on its new features. Word 2013 is sure to provide many new time-saving features to help your users increase productivity over time, but an effective Word 2013 Training course will be critical to capitalizing on that value instead of losing productiv... [Read More]

PowerPoint 2013

We are pretty excited about the new PowerPoint 2013 Training course. While PowerPoint 2013 has not yet been released, we are already working with our Microsoft instructors to begin course creation for such training.

As you plan your migration to Office 2013, remember to budget for training. This will help your employees get more out of the new software, as well as save you countless hours of end-user support. There are sure to be many changes to Microsoft’s newest version of PowerPoint, but our beginner through advanced PowerPoint 2013 Training course will be equipped with ... [Read More]

Project 2013

Project Standard 2013 and Project Professional 2013 are now in preview stage, and we are starting to prepare for Project 2013 Training. With industry experts leading this web-based course, you can be confident you and your team will easily adopt and take advantage of the new features.

While we are pulling resources together, you need to be thinking about how you are going to prepare for Project 2013. You don’t have time to slow down the Project life-cycle, so you need to be sure you can seamlessly adjust to the Project 2013 updates. With our interactive, on demand course, you ... [Read More]

lean Six Sigma

The first of a series of lean6sigma Leadership eLearning seminars, Six Sigma Concepts broadens the framework of Six Sigma beyond typical mathematical and statistical methods and focuses on breakthrough improvement to beat the competition. Six Sigma Concepts provides proven methods and tools to enable your organization to positively impact the customer, improve internal capability and financial results, and create a mindset of improvement everywhere.

Java 5

This Java Fundamentals Training Course provides development professionals with the basics of the Java programming language within the Windows environment. To participate in this course, previous programming experience is not required; however a basic knowledge of some programming terminology is helpful.

In this course, you’ll start at the very beginning with an overview of Java, it’s advantages and disadvantages and the tools you need to get started using the Java programming language. You’ll then move on to learn how to compile and run a simple program.

Throughout this... [Read More]

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