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Time Management

Do you always find yourself in a time crunch? Do you organize your work but fail to stick to schedules?Does time seem to just slip away from your hands without any constructive results? You are not alone in this predicament. Time management skills are fundamental to any job role but only a few are able to make the most of their time and stay on schedule.

Time management is a technique which allows you to get your own work under control. Time management is not just related to your work, but is more dependent on developing the right attitude towards work and time. This Time ... [Read More]

Email Etiquette

A clear and transparent communication pattern is essential for optimum performance in any organization. Coherent communication is more cruical when you are working for a global organization that deals with partners, customers and vendors from different parts of the world. Your message needs to overcome cultural barriers and language differences in order to be understood and interpreted correctly. Therefore, learning to use standard formats for international correspondence, is essential if you wish to make all your business communications quick and effective. Email etiquette training ... [Read More]

Stress Management

Pressures of work as well as personal life can take a toll on your health. Many life-threatening illnesses are caused due to one common enemy of all mankind ?STRESS. Trying to race ahead in a highly competitive and volatile environment is evidently going to raise your stress levels. Not just the mind, but stress is a two sided sword that harms your body too. It is the source of all negativity that emits bad energy, leading to anger and frustration, thus affecting quality of life. Executives all over the world are suffering from this chronic condition called Stress. However, it can b... [Read More]

Presentation Skills

If this has ever happened to you, this course is just what you need. Presentation Skills training at Koenig will help you overcome your stage fright. The key word is ‘preparation? You will learn how to confidently give effective and captivating presentations, getting and keeping the sincere attention and interest of your audience.

You will learn to ask yourself a number of essential questions beforehand, so you can say afterwards: ‘I was able to deliver the presentation I prepared and looking back I have done a good job?

Presentation Skills Course is ideal f... [Read More]

Outbound Team Building

In modern client-oriented organisations, decisions are not made by one person. The complexity of the issues that you are involved with requires that you are not only able to work with teams, but also in teams. In short, team members should be able to influence outcomes to achieve functional goals. Everyone knows what a good team is ?a good team performs successfully. But how do you create the best team? And how do you optimally contribute to team spirit and performance?

Our Outbound Team Building course outlines the ways in which you can highlight the strengths of each te... [Read More]

Communication & Presentation Skills for IT Pros

Communication &, Presentation Skills for IT Pros course will help professionals in improving their communication and presentation skills. Being a successful professional in the IT industry requires more than just IT knowledge. Communicating that knowledge to the stakeholders, team members and seniors in the organization determines an IT Pro’s career growth.

This program will encourage the participants to make stand up presentations which will be videographed. These videographed presentations will be given personal and/or group coaching session. Each day’s training is fo... [Read More]

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