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Early Childhood Education (Diploma)

The Early childhood education program (DEC) is designed to train childcare educators to work with children from 0 to 12 years old.

During their training, students will learn how to meet a child&,#146,s basic, psychological, as well as educational needs. Students will also learn to establish a partnership with parents and partners in the field to understand the importance of discussing the necessary intervention with a child.

The versatility of graduates is an important element, allowing them to exercise their profession in all early childhood educational env... [Read More]

Special Care Counselling (Diploma)

The Special care counselling program (DEC) trains students to intervene appropriately with a range of clients having difficulties adapting or fitting-in socially.

Special care counselling technicians help people to solve their personal and social problems and work in close collaboration with various professionals, in multidisciplinary teams consisting of remedial teachers, psychologists, school managements and occupational therapists.

Collaboration with parents or the family experiencing difficulties is an important part of the profession. Therefore, being open ... [Read More]

Accounting (Diploma)

The International School of Business and Technologies is designed to meet the needs of the business world, which are growing in an era of market globalization. The SME Accounting program (AEC) is for those who are interested in management and accounting and who aspire for a dynamic career on a national or international level which is focused on the needs of small and medium enterprises.

Development for Web 2.0 with RIA (Silverlight, Flex, Ajax) (Diploma)

With the development of new technologies, computer science has become an indispensable tool in all fields, and professionals providing this support are also more and more in demand. The Development for Web 2.0 course (AEC) therefore trains professionals to develop, configure, create and maintain dynamic Web applications.

It is an enriching training that will pave the way to highly promising careers, including Internet programmer, object-oriented programmer and computer science consultant.

Video Game 3D Modeling (Diploma)

This new Video Game 3D Modeling E-learning program is designed for anyone with a passion for video games, 3D animation and graphic design. Discover the different steps in video game design—from modeling characters, to props and scenes.

Whether you want to generate 3D renderings for animated films, cartoons, online games or blockbuster movies, prepare yourself to face the demands of this high-technology industry with the Video Game 3D Modeling E-learning program. This program was developed in Montréal, known for its cutting-edge, avant-garde expertise in video game technolo... [Read More]

Multimedia Integration (Diploma)

Fascinated by fields related to information technologies? Looking to be part of a dynamic team and evolve towards a career developing different projects? Would you like to acquire technical knowledge in computers and stay on top of new technologies? Then Multimedia Integration is for you!

The goal of the online Multimedia Integration (AEC) program is to provide future integrators with a vision that includes both virtual aspects in understanding computer systems, as well as more technical aspects that are specific to programming in addition to media formatting and processin... [Read More]

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