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Managing Prices and Profits in Marketing

This module is concerned with pricing and budgeting; both of which are important and integral parts of marketing management. This module aims to ensure students have a clear understanding of the core theories of pricing & the main approaches to price setting, costing processes, cost behavior, budgeting issues - such as the scope of the marketing budget, methods of setting the marketing budget, budget negotiation and the issues and conflicts relating to the marketing/finance interface.

Managing Marketing Channels

This module looks at industrial relationships in the particular context of the manufacturer or brand owner and retailer. This is an area that poses particular problems to the marketing manager that are generally inadequately addressed in marketing texts. The module looks at the difficulties that result from the common response by brand owners to operate through multiple channels, placing their own products in competition at the retail level.

In the module students will develop a practical appreciation of the management of retail channels in the light of such contemporary ... [Read More]

Brand Communications

This module concerns the principles and practices of brand building through diverse forms of communication; including tone of voice, design, PR, product placement, advertising, digital, and direct marketing.
The module is organised around two strands. An examination of academic and managerial literature and techniques of brand communications and an agency role play - developing an integrated brand communications strategy and campaign for a selected brand: in order to master the language and skills of working with communications agencies.

Brand Management

This module is concerned with putting brand management theory into practice by examining a number of real-world brands and case studies. Specifically, the aims of the module are a) to create an understanding of the stratified reality and process of brand management action, b) create awareness of the involved brand management decisions, and c) explore the criteria used to evaluate and monitor brand related activities. The module explores the role of Brand Management within organisations. It presents the types of decisions involved in managing brands and discusses contemporary challe... [Read More]

MSc in Advanced Marketing Management (Master Degree)

12-month full-time programme

This programme is an advanced Masters in Marketing Management aimed at graduates with some significant prior academic and/or practical grounding in marketing. It is focussed on providing students the opportunity to develop the skills & knowledge they need to embark on a career in marketing management. The programme can also provide the requisite platform for further study at PhD level.

The programme is unique and the class size is tightly controlled to enable the staff-student and student-student contact necessary for the forms and process... [Read More]

Logistics Modelling

The purpose of this course is to understand and use in somewhat simple contexts some of the basic models from logistics. Algebraic formulations will be used as vehicle for describing models and discussing their relationships. There will be a focus on modelling, the use of professional software, and the understanding of results. For problems where exact solutions are hard to achieve even for simple instances of the problem, heuristics will be discussed.

Learning Outcomes

On successful completion of this module students will be able to:

Recognize the basic logis... [Read More]

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