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Lia Schorr Institute of Cosmetic Skin Care Training About the school

New York City, New York, United States

Brazilian Bikini Waxing (Certificate)

In this 6 hour course you will learn everything you need to know to ensure a professional Brazilian Bikini Wax. You will learn how to properly position, drape and achieve optimum results for a perfect Brazilian Bikini Wax experience.

We ask that all students provide their own models.
Our course will offer: •Instruction on Safety and Health
•Skin Structures, Disorders and Disease
•Pre Waxing Care and Trimming
•Post Waxing Care
•Brazilian Bikini Waxing

All Material presented will include both lecture and practical.

Waxing (Certificate)

This 75-hour course provides you with a solid foundation for a career in waxing. As demand for the service grows, many top spas and salons are in need of staff members who are expert in this highly personalized service and how to communicate one-on-one with their clientele. Learn the skills and the professional approach that combine to make you the best you can be. (Also recommended for those interested in enhancing personal skills.)

Electrolysis (Certificate)

Come study at the only school in Manhattan offering a certificate in electrolysis. Whether you are just starting out in the field or are an esthetician who wants to expand your skills, this 120-hour course prepares you to practice electrolysis, which does not require a license in the State of New York but does require a great deal of attention to detail.

Why electrolysis? It&,#146,s still the best method for removing troublesome ingrown hairs, has years of proven safety, works well for men&,#146,s beards and delicate areas on women&,#146,s and men&,#146,s bodie... [Read More]

Professional Brush Set and Case (Certificate)

The Lia Schorr Institute is excited to offer their Professional Brush Set and Case. The set includes 12 brushes, each specially selected by our Make-Up Staff for their excellent quality, precision, durability, and affordability. These professional make-up brushes will serve all your make-up needs.

Two of the three eyeshadow brushes are Kolinsky Sable, one is a Sable blend. The eyeliner and angle brushes are also Kolinsky Sable as is the lip brush. The powder and blush brushes are a goat/pony mix. Taklon is used for the foundation and camouflage brushes and the spoo... [Read More]

Color Makeup Kit (Certificate)

At The Lia Schorr Institute we are proud to present the Color Makeup Kit. This kit represents a collection of professional quality, versatile colors and textures that create the firm foundation of every make-up artist’s needs.

The kit includes 18 intensely pigmented eye shadows, which fit into 3 six-well professional palettes. These carefully selected 18 colors range from neutrals to shocking hues and come both in metallic and matte textures. With these highly pigmented products you get true color payoff and greater durability.

Our Color Makeup Kit also include... [Read More]

Airbrush (Certificate)

This class is an introduction to use of the airbrushing tools that are the latest innovation in the makeup field. With the amazing changes in film and camera technology, makeup artists have been challenged to come up with ways to apply makeup so that it remains invisible. This class focuses on the use of the airbrushing machine as a technical tool to apply foundation makeup as well as artificial tanning products. You will learn how to use airbrushing machines most effectively, what types of foundations can best be applied with various types of machines, how to use and care for machin... [Read More]

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