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Los Angeles, California, United States

Multi-Cylinder Engine Diagnosis and Overhaul

Multi-cylinder engine principles, operation and overhaul methods are stressed. Shop instruction on diagnosis, disassembly, repair, overhaul and assembly of multi-cylinder engines is offered.

Motorcycle Service and Tune-Up Theory and Repair

Lecture and laboratory experiences are given on routine motorcycle service and tune-up as well as trouble-shooting and repairing engine performance problems.

Diesel Engine Overhaul

This course provides the theory and practice to develop the skills necessary for the selection of methods to be used in the repairing of the diesel engine and the accessories. The proper procedure for disassembling, measuring and rebuilding are covered. The complete engine is reviewed and the emphasis in on gaining the skills necessary to make determination as to the status of the engine components and to return it to service after proper reassembly, adjustments and testing.

Diesel, Alternative Fuel and Hybrid Vehicle Technologies (Certificate)

If you live in the United States, almost every single thing you eat, wear or use was delivered by a diesel-powered vehicle. Our trucks, trains, buses, freighters, ocean liners, and electrical generators are also diesel powered. Trade Tech trains the professionals who keep this vast pool of machines productive. Graduates of the Diesel Technology program are well paid and have a diverse choice of areas in which to specialize. In recent years, the demand from local employers has exceeded our supply of qualified graduates as the program continues to grow.

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Frame Straightening (Certificate)

We are supported by Chief E-Z Liner featuring Genesis II computerized laser beam measuring system. With this state-of-the art equipment you will learn how to straighten both conventional and unitize type frames.

Automotive Refinishing (Certificate)

We are “Partners in Quality�with DuPont. This is a national pilot program sponsored by DuPont, to certify painters using Rule 1151 compliant coatings. We will furnish you with the proper HVLP spray equipment and the compliant undercoats and topcoats. The certification from DuPont along with your actual spraying time here at Trade-Tech will prepare you for an entry level job in an Automotive Repair Facility.

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